Escape from Tarkov: Beginner’s Guide to Surviving Your First Raids

Escape from Tarkov: Beginner's Guide to Surviving Your First Raids
Escape from Tarkov: Beginner’s Guide to Surviving Your First Raids

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore, brutally realistic tactical FPS where every step could be your last. This is a game where thorough preparation, split-second decision-making, and learning from your mistakes all spell the difference between survival and yet another painful death. If you’re ready to dive headfirst into a thrilling and unforgiving world, this guide will arm you with the basics you need to endure those first brutal raids.

Escape from Tarkov: Pre-Deployment Essentials

  • Embrace the Offline Mode: Offline mode lets you explore maps, learn loot locations, and practice against AI Scavs with zero risk. It’s your ultimate tool for learning without the fear of losing gear.
  • Scav Runs are Your Friend: Your Scav character has a random loadout and a separate inventory. Scav runs are an excellent way to learn maps, snag some loot early on, and practice your aim in low-pressure scenarios.
  • Master Your PMC Basics: Understand your PMC’s (main character) health, hydration, and energy system. Keep these vital stats in check or suffer negative effects, including death. Always bring essential healing items and provisions into a raid.
  • Choose Your Map Wisely: Start with Customs or Woods. These maps offer a mix of open areas and cover, with somewhat predictable loot locations and AI scav patterns.

Fresh newbie to the game and this has been my standard the last 12 games on Factory. Anyone can recommend a good starting map for a beginner or am I just really bad?
byu/Robilitoow inEscapefromTarkov

Escape from Tarkov: Your First Raid

  • Focus on Extraction: Your main goal in Escape from Tarkov initially is to simply find an extraction point and get out alive. Even bringing back just a few items is progress.
  • Movement is Life: Standing still makes you an easy target. Move from cover to cover, and constantly scan your surroundings. Sound is incredibly important in Escape from Tarkov – listen for footsteps to avoid surprises!
  • Gear Fear is Your Enemy: Don’t be afraid to use the gear you have. Dying with your best gun in your inventory is useless – use it to try to survive.
  • Know When to Fold ‘Em: You won’t win every fight. Sometimes the smart play is retreating to reposition or escape, especially if outgunned.
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Gear, Loot, and that Precious Stash

  • Every Bullet Counts: Ammo types matter. Using the wrong ones makes even the best gun worthless. Check online resources for ammo penetration charts, and prioritize the best ammo you can afford.
  • The Secure Container: This is your lifeline. Items stored here are safe even if you die. Prioritize meds, valuable quest items, and high-value loot.
  • To Sell or Not to Sell: Early on, selling almost everything is wise. Currency gets you gear for future raids. As you learn about items needed for quests and hideout upgrades, start stashing these.
  • Insurance Matters: Insure your gear before raids! For a fee, you have a chance to recover items lost if other players don’t snatch them up first.
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The Learning Curve is Vertical, That’s the Fun

Escape from Tarkov will punish you. Repeatedly. But with every failure, you gain valuable knowledge. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Wiki is Your Lifeline: The Escape from Tarkov wiki is your best friend. Detailed maps, ammo charts, quest guides – it’s all there.
  • Community is Key: Join the Tarkov subreddit or Discord servers to meet veterans willing to pass on knowledge and squad up for raids.
  • Death is Analysis Material: When you die, figure out WHY. Bad positioning? Underrated the enemy? Learn from it for the next run.

New To Tarkov? Beginners Loadout Guide | Escape From Tarkov
byu/DeadEndNoLuck inEFTRats

Escape from Tarkov is a constant climb up a steep learning curve. But the rewards – the heart-pounding suspense, the adrenaline rush of a successful extraction, and the satisfaction of mastering this complex, unforgiving game – make the journey incredibly worthwhile.

Escape from Tarkov: General Gameplay

  • Q: Should I focus on killing other players or just surviving?

    • A: Initially, prioritize survival. Focus on learning maps, loot spots, extraction points, and how to handle AI Scavs effectively before actively seeking out PvP.
  • Q: How do I deal with the stress and frustration of Tarkov?

    • A: Tarkov is a high-stress game by design. Take breaks when you need them, analyze your deaths to learn from mistakes rather than get discouraged, and keep a positive mindset!
  • Q: Do I need to play with a team?

    • A: You can play solo, but Tarkov is definitely tougher without a squad. Consider joining community Discords to find fellow players to learn alongside.
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Escape from Tarkov: Gear and Inventory Management

  • Q: How do I know what loot is worth keeping?

    • A: Check the Flea Market (accessible at level 15) to see how much traders and other players are paying for items. Initially, grab everything to sell. As you learn, become more selective.
  • Q: I keep running out of space, what should I prioritize?

    • A: Stack items efficiently in your inventory. Prioritize valuable items for your secure container (meds, quest keys, high-value barter items). Invest in bigger stash and backpack sizes from traders as you level up.
  • Q: Is it worth modding my guns this early?

    • A: Simple mods that improve recoil or ergonomics are beneficial. Avoid sinking loads of money into expensive mods until you’re more familiar with what works best for you.

Escape from Tarkov: Maps and Raids

  • Q: Are some maps harder than others?

    • A: Definitely. Maps like Factory are chaotic PvP arenas, while Interchange is sprawling with high-tier loot (and risk). Start with Customs or Woods for more manageable learning environments.
  • Q: How do I know which extraction points to use?

    • A: The wiki has extraction maps for each location. Some extractions have requirements (like specific items or payment). Prioritize extracts close to your spawn.

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