Dolphin Emulator: How to download and Features

Dolphin Emulator is a great option to dive into the classic Nintendo games on your favorite PC or mobile device!

Dolphin Emulator is used to emulate games for GameCube and Wii, which are two very popular Nintendo consoles. The emulator was released in 2003 and can run games on Windows, Linux, iOS and also some consoles like XBox. It is a great emulator if you want something simple but effective to run games that can only be run on the Nintendo consoles.

Several games that are Nintendo console exclusives can only be accessed with the help of this emulator. If you have a old favorite Zelda game, you will most probably find it available on the Dolphin Emulator. The list of games is huge comprising of Resident Evil, a series of Zelda titles, Pokemon, Mario and also Metroid Prime. And it is going to be more accessible considering that it has arrived on Steam!

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How to download Dolphin Emulator?

Zelda on Dolphin Emulator
Zelda on Dolphin Emulator

Before downloading you must be aware that the emulator is available for both PC and mobile devices. The versions will be different, but each one is available online. If you want an Android version you must have a device that is Android 5 or higher, although Android 9 is recommended. You must also have a device that has a 64-bit OS to run the emulator.Β For the PC version, there are no such restrictions.

To download the emulator follow these steps:

  • First of all you need to find the emulator for your desired device. You can download the emulator for PC or consoles from Dolphin Emulator’s official site. The mobile version will also be available here.
  • Install the Emulator on your device by following the installation guide.
  • Its as simple as that. Now you can simply open the app and enjoy the games.
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The emulator is also available on Steam, and you can simply search and install the software.

How to run games on the Emulator?

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Like every other emulator, Dolphin also needs game ROMs in order for you to start playing. Game ROMs are available online and can easily be downloaded.

  • Locate the game ROM you want and download it on your device.
  • Open the Emulator and open the ROM file through the app in order to run the game.

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