Deal Melee Damage in Fortnite season 5: Read Here

Fortnite Week 5 consists of challenge 300 Deal Melee damage that deals with short-range conflicts. Read the article to know about the deal melee damage.

Deal Melee Damage
Deal Melee Damage

Fortnite Week 5 consists of many challenges one of which is 300 Deal Melee damage that deals with short-range conflicts. Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 is a great hit as it is continuously amusing its users with the addition of new features. This season enters Week 10, with a more intriguing batch of challenges for the players.

These new challenges provide a golden chance for the players to upgrade their battle pass. They can also stimulate their XP by successfully fighting out these challenges. There are a lot of challenges that are easy to tackle. There is one more quest that generally asks the players to deal with the damage of which many players are unaware. They face problems in understanding the whole concept of the melee deal.

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Give a read to our article to get complete information about the deal melee damage. It defines melee damage along with how to complete this challenge.

What is Fortnite’s Deal Melee Damage?

Under melee damage, players get extremely useful melee weapons that perfectly suits short-range combats. These are further divided into six categories- Swords, Spears, Scythes, Hardware, and Clubs. These weapons are blunt and bladed that can easily kill opponents during 1v1 fights. There is nothing new about these weapons. It is just that they are not as famous as ranged weapons like rifles and pistols. Melee weapons do not have bullets instead they strike the enemies for the damage.

Deal Melee Damage
Deal Melee Damage

Players mostly use a pickaxe from melee weapons as a harvesting tool. It is very useful for completing challenges and other quests. The pickaxe can cause deal damage of 20 at a time, but players need to deal with the damage of 300, therefore players should use the pickaxe only at most populated locations to cause maximum damage.

Some of the most populated areas on the Fortnite map are the Star Wars-themed, the Clock Tower, or any of the POI. These are the thickly inhabited locations on the map So, using melee damage at these locations is very beneficial. Once you drop the melee damage then try to knock down as many enemies as possible to complete the challenges.

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