Creating Free Spins in Free Fire Max Football Royale Event

Free fire foot ball
08/12/2022/Players can collect jerseys by using free spins in Free Fire Max game/Credits: Danish Free Fire YouTube.

Free Fire MAX has just added several brand-new, thrilling events that have led to the addition of a large number of new cosmetic items. But because these required using diamonds, a sizeable portion of the audience has been unable to benefit. Free Fire Max Football Royale, which went live on the Indian server earlier this month, has experienced the same thing. Gamers can, however, obtain a free official CBF Jersey without spending diamonds as part of the Football Fable campaign.

A brand-new Football Treasure event has been made available in Free Fire MAX as a part of the Football Fable by Garena. It began on December 7, 2022, and will continue through December 18, 2022. To obtain unique Red Football Tokens at this time, you must engage in matches in the battle royale title.

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Free Fire Max Football Royale

After that, you can exchange six tokens for a special Football Royale Voucher. These coupons can then be used to replace coins when placing bets in the current Football Royale. The developers have, however, placed a limit on the exchange and token collection.

After the match drops, you can only gather a maximum of 10 Red Football tokens. These can also be converted three times into vouchers. The Red Football Tokens may also be used to collect a unique Magenta Striker Bundle. And some other free rewards from the event interface in Free Fire MAX, so you shouldn’t be too offended by this.

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While other incentives, like the coupons and gun crate, just cost a few tokens, this outfit will cost 50 tokens. You have a lot of time to collect all the tokens and trade them in for prizes. So it would be foolish to miss this opportunity.


To use the special voucher and play a round of Luck Royale, you can adhere to the directions in the following section:

Step 1: Play the matches in Free Fire MAX to obtain Red Football Token in Step 1. As previously mentioned, the daily cap is set at 10.

Step 2: Go to the event area and choose the Football Fable tab after gathering six tokens.

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Step 3: From the list of current events, pick the Football Treasures option.

Step 4: To obtain the unique Football Royale Voucher, click the claim icon next to it.

Step 5: Use this unique voucher to purchase the rewards by going to the Football Royale option.

The fact that you may only swap this Football Royale Voucher three times in Free Fire MAX must be emphasized. So, you’re only able to get three free spins. You only have a chance to get the outfit because the rewards in this Luck Royale aren’t guaranteed.

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