Crafting the Best Dori Build in Genshin Impact

10/11/2023 | Craft the perfect Dori healer build in Genshin Impact 3.0 with The Bell and Ocean-Hued Clam artefacts. Maximize healing potential for optimal combat support. | Credits: Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact enthusiasts have plunged into the latest update, welcoming the Electro character Dori to their rosters. Positioned as a supporting character with healing capabilities, crafting the ideal build for Dori involves strategic choices in weapons and artefacts. In this guide, we delve into the components of the best Dori healer build to maximize her potential in combat.

Weapon: The Bell (four-star)

Choosing the right weapon for Dori is crucial to harness her healing abilities effectively. The Bell, a four-star weapon, takes the spotlight for its unique attributes. Not only does it generate a protective shield for Dori, enhancing her longevity in battles, but it also boosts her overall HP. This shield proves invaluable in providing the necessary survivability for Dori to stay engaged in combat, allowing her to charge up her ultimate skill. For those struggling to obtain The Bell, any weapon featuring energy recharge as a primary stat can be a worthy alternative.

Artefacts: Ocean-Hued Clam (four-piece)

The backbone of the best Dori healer build lies in the choice of artefacts, and the four-piece Ocean-Hued Clam set emerges as the undisputed champion. This set amplifies hwr healing output and introduces an offensive dimension to her capabilities. The two-piece set offers a 15% healing buff, setting the foundation for robust support. The four-piece bonus takes it a step further by transforming healing power into explosive bombs, turning hwr into a versatile force on the battlefield.

Optimizing Substats: HP% and ER%

To fine-tune the healing potential of Dori, attention to substats becomes paramount. Prioritizing artefacts with HP% and energy recharge (ER%) substats ensures that her elemental burst, which scales with her maximum HP, reaches its zenith. A meticulous approach to sub-stats optimization contributes significantly to maintaining hwr uptime in combat scenarios.

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As Genshin Impact enthusiasts embark on the quest to enhance their rosters with Dori, the Electro healer, crafting the best build becomes a strategic endeavour. The synergy between The Bell and the Ocean-Hued Clam artefact set unveils the full healing potential of her, transforming her into a formidable support character. With an emphasis on sub stats optimization, players can unlock the true essence of ger healing capabilities, turning the tides in their favour in the vast world of Teyvat.

Whether engaging in the latest events or exploring stunning landscapes, a well-crafted Dori build is a testament to the mastery of Genshin Impact’s intricate mechanics. As players continue to uncover the mysteries of this captivating world, with her healing prowess, becomes an indispensable ally in their journey.

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