Potential Collaboration: Rumors Swirl About Fortnite and Hazbin Hotel Partnership

Fortnite Hazbin Hotel
12/02/2024 | Excitement builds for a potential Fortnite Hazbin Hotel collaboration, though unconfirmed. Fans await official news amidst speculation. | Credits: Fortnite

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about a possible partnership between Epic Games and Hazbin Hotel in Fortnite. Although there’s no official confirmation yet, the community is buzzing with speculation after the release of a new emote called Repear’s Showtime in the Item Shop on February 12. While the emote itself doesn’t directly hint at a collaboration, the music that accompanies it is a major clue. The emote features music from “INSANE,” a fan-made tribute to Hotel by Black Gryph0n and Baasik.

The introduction of this music into the game has ignited a wave of excitement among fans, who are now eagerly anticipating future collaborations between Fortnite and Hotel. While the rumor is still unverified, the inclusion of Hotel-themed content in Fortnite has sparked speculation and enthusiasm within the community. Fans are hopeful for more collaborations and content inspired by the beloved animated series in the future.

Community Excitement Grows Over Potential Fortnite Hazbin Hotel Collaboration


The Fortnite community is abuzz with excitement over the potential collaboration between Epic Games and Hazbin Hotel. Speculation initially centered around the Reaper’s Showtime emote, but fans believe it could be a clever hint, given Epic Games’ knack for teasing collaborations. While there have been instances in the past where rumored collaborations didn’t come to fruition, the community remains hopeful, considering Epic Games’ successful integration of diverse crossovers like Rick and Morty and Family Guy into the Metaverse.

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Fans are particularly thrilled about the possibility of a Hotel collaboration because of the show’s dedicated fanbase. With recent crossovers targeting older demographics, it feels like a natural fit to bring elements from Hotel into Fortnite. Fans eagerly await the chance to see their favorite characters and themes from the animated series come to life in the Fortnite universe.

The community’s response to this potential collaboration has been overwhelmingly positive, with enthusiastic comments expressing excitement and anticipation. Fans envision a grand-scale execution, similar to the success of previous crossovers. As Epic Games continues to explore collaborations with diverse franchises, the prospect of a Fortnite and Hotel collaboration adds another thrilling chapter to the ever-evolving landscape of the Metaverse.

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Speculating the Potential Arrival of the Fortnite Hazbin Hotel Collaboration

The gaming community is abuzz with excitement over the potential collaboration between Fortnite and Hotel. However, it’s important to note that while fans are eagerly anticipating this partnership, there is no solid evidence to confirm its existence. Epic Games may have their own reasons for not pursuing this collaboration, leaving us uncertain about its realization.

Although the recent addition of the Reaper’s Showtime emote could be seen as a hint, we can’t jump to conclusions without official confirmation. We might see this collaboration come to life in the next year, considering Epic Games’ history of dropping subtle hints and clues through emotes.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to approach this speculation with caution. Until we receive concrete information from official sources or leaks from data miners, it’s best to temper our expectations. The community eagerly awaits any updates regarding the status of this potential collaboration.


The game community is abuzz with excitement as rumors of a collaboration between Epic Games and Hotel spread like wildfire. The recent release of the Reaper’s Showtime emote, featuring music from the show, has only fueled the anticipation further. Although there hasn’t been any official confirmation yet, fans are keeping their fingers crossed for future collaborations, especially considering Epic Games’ track record of incorporating various crossovers into the Metaverse. The enthusiasm is infectious, thanks to the passionate fanbase of Hotel, who can’t wait to see their beloved characters and themes come to life in the game. It’s a clever move by Epic Games to tap into the trend of targeting older demographics with crossover content, and fans are loving it.

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However, it’s important to approach this potential collaboration with a hint of caution. Despite all the speculation, there is no concrete evidence to support its existence. Epic Games might have its own reasons for not pursuing this collaboration, leaving the community in a state of uncertainty. Nevertheless, the fans remain hopeful and eagerly await any updates or announcements regarding the status of this highly anticipated collaboration. After all, where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire, and the excitement surrounding this potential partnership is definitely heating up.