Clash of Clans Dragon Queen: A Step-by-Step Guide

Clash of Clans Dragon Queen: A Step-by-Step Guide
14.02.2024 | Clash of Clans Dragon Festival is soaring high, and with it comes the spectacular Dragon Queen skin, adding a touch of mythical grandeur to your in-game experience. | Credit Supercell

The amazing Dragon Queen skin is coming with the Clash of Clans Dragon Festival, which will bring a bit of mythological grandeur to your in-game experience. This unique skin is a tribute to the Lunar New Year celebrations in addition to being a visual treat. The favorable tidings? This magnificent skin is yours to obtain without breaking the bank. How to do it is as follows:

With the Dragon Festival in full flow, the Clash of Clans community is enjoying a fiery Lunar New Year celebration. The focal point of the event is a Dragon Pinata located in the Home Village, which will shoot Red Envelopes when you gather them. These envelopes guide you along the event’s reward track and contain a range of goodies, such as the highly sought-after Dragon Medals, which are the exclusive rewards for the event.

While the Barbarian King skin might still be shrouded in mystery, the Grand Warden and Royale Champion skins are available through the Trader Shop and premium seasonal reward track, respectively. The Archer Queen skin, however, stands out as the Dragon Queen and can be yours without spending a single gem.

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Clash of Clans Dragon Queen Skin: A Free Fantasy

Enter Kenny Jo, a prominent Clash of Clans streamer known for insightful guides and game-related news. Kenny Jo is currently running a giveaway on his X account, offering you the chance to win the Clash of Clans Dragon Queen skin for free.

Here’s your step-by-step guide to joining the giveaway:

  1. Open X on your device: Ensure you have the X app installed on your device.
  2. Search for “Kenny Jo”: Locate Kenny Jo’s profile within the X app.
  3. Follow and retweet: Follow Kenny Jo’s account and retweet the post announcing the free Dragon Queen skin giveaway.

And that’s it! You’re now officially entered into the giveaway. The lucky winners will be revealed on February 17, 2024. Keep an eye on your direct messages, as that’s where you’ll be notified if you’ve secured the Dragon Queen skin.

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But that’s not the only avenue to claim this mesmerizing skin. If giveaways aren’t your style, you can also earn the Clash of Clans Dragon Queen skin by collecting Play points on the Google Play Store.

Play Points: Turning Tasks into Treasures

The Google Play Store not only features downloadable applications but also dishes out tasks that, when completed within a specified timeframe, reward users with in-app tokens known as Play Points. Here’s your path to acquiring the Dragon Queen skin:

  1. Complete tasks: Install specific applications, use them for a designated period, and share your experience with a review.
  2. Earn Play Points: Successfully completing these tasks will earn you Play Points.
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After you’ve accumulated enough Play Points, you can spend them to buy the Clash of Clans Dragon Queen skin or redeem them for other prizes. You interact with apps, impart your knowledge, and in exchange, your Archer Queen is decked out in the gorgeous Dragon Queen skin. It’s a win-win situation.

That means you can get the Clash of Clans Dragon Queen skin by either collecting Play Points or taking part in Kenny Jo’s giveaway. Let your Dragon Queen’s magnificent flight serve as a memorable addition to the fireworks that celebrate Lunar New Year’s Eve in Clash of Clans. May her vigilant eye bring prosperity to your village!


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