BGMI Streamers Voice Pack Ft. Jonathan, Snax And Kaztro

Here are all the details you need to know about BGMI Streamers voice pack.

BGMI Streamers Voice Pack
BGMI Streamers Voice Pack

BGMI Streamers Voice Pack: Finally, after so many leaks Battlegrounds Mobile India has finally announced that they will be launching streamers voice-packs in game. The first set of voice pack to be released in BGMI will be of Snax Gaming, Jonathan Gaming, and Kaztro.

These voice packs have both Hindi and English language, which players will be able to buy after purchasing them. So, let’s know about the release date and cost of these packs.

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Jonathan, Snax And Kaztro’s Voice Pack In BGMI

On 15th January, BGMI dropped a video titled Play as your hero. Moreover, it featured three of the stars of the game. Snax and Jonathan are streamers and professional players. However, Kaztro is a well known streamer in the community.

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Earlier, there were so many leaks coming out of these voice packs. But, now BGMI has confirmed the arrival. Also, it is being said that other famous streamers like Dynamo Gaming and Scout will be added later in the voice packs of BGMI.

The voice pack is available in two different variants which are normal and mythic. Furthermore, all three players have both variants and one can buy either one of them or all.

As of now, all the voice pack releases by BGMI for these streamers are not revealed. But, according to some leaks, we saw an early glimpse of them.

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Release Date And Price For Voice Packs

The video dropped by BGMI didn’t announced any specific date of release for these streamers voice packs. However, it was expected to release in BGMI 1.8 update, but it hasn’t arrived.

So, we can expect this will be in the game after a week or two.

Coming to the price, many data miners have suggested that it will cost around 250 UC to buy one of these packs. However, we don’t have the exact number as of now.

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This is the first time, Indian streamers will be getting featured in the voice pack of BGMI. Drop your opinion in the comment section below, what do you think of these voice packs and will you spend 250 UC to add them into your collection?

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