BGMI Skyesports Champions Series 2023: Who are the Champions?

THE BGMI Skyesports Champions Series 2023 has concluded it Grand Finals and here are the results.

BGMI Skyesports Champions Series 2023
BGMI Skyesports Champions Series 2023

BGMI Skyesports Champions Series 2023 has been a great event for BGMI fans and professional players who have been relishing the game once again after the 10 month ban. The tournament featured 24 of the top teams in BGMI facing off against one another, and finally the Champions have arrived. They are none other than Blind Esports, and they take home the crown of Champions and INR 12,00,000 prize money.

The series has seen many ups and downs, with the top 16 teams of Grand Finals, surpassing each other on various instances. However, one team has beaten all odds to take home the trophy. They are Blind Esports with a dominating victory.

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Blind Esports Crowned the Champions of Skyesports Champions Series 2023

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The last day of Grand Finals was a massive event, with the top 16 teams trying to beat Blind Esports, who have stood at the top since Day 1 of finals. The top contenders included famous teams such as Orangutan Gaming, Team VST, Soul Esports, and OR Esports.

The last day of the tournament is today, and the matches have started from 1 PM with a total of 6 maps. The schedule for today was as follows:

  • Match 1 – ERANGEL
  • Match 2 – MIRAMAR
  • Match 3 – ERANGEL
  • Match 4 – MIRAMAR
  • Match 5 – SANHOK
  • Match 6 – ERANGEL

The top 16 teams battled it out to score points from either Finishes or from Chicken Dinners. At the end of Day 4 Blind Esports had stood first in the leaderboards with over 200 points. Their dominating performance continued till the last day as they beat out all competitions and took home the crown.

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The finals was a intense competition between Blind Esports and Soul Esports with both the teams vying for the top spot. However, Blind was able to easily dominate the day, being crowned the champions of BGMI Skyesports Champions Series 2023

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