BGMI Return: Players can Expect to Come Back in 2023?

18/11/2022/Players can expect the BGMI return at 2023/Credits: Guptesh Gaming YouTube.

After PUBG Mobile was initially banned in the region in September 2020, Krafton Inc. is known as the Indian version of the BR game BGMI. Within a year, the popularity of Battlegrounds Mobile India exploded, garnering more than 100 million downloads.
However, a surprising turn of events led to the removal of the game from the Google and Apple online stores on July 28, 2022. Restrictions on in-game purchases and official sports competitions were soon introduced.

Since then, several comments from influencers and developers alike have surfaced online regarding the state of the game. However, the game has yet to be re-released. Gamers across the country are anxiously awaiting news. Players are thinking whether the game will return in 2023 as the year draws to a close.

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Krafton’s Report

A fresh Q3 earnings report from Krafton Inc. covered many important topics. Among them, however, the information about Battlegrounds Mobile India received the most attention about BGMI return. The South Korean company stated in its report that they are constantly working to bring the game back to the online markets of Google and Apple.

The report also outlined the company’s plans to make further investments in the gaming industry. Fans are optimistic that the game will return in 2023, although this does not guarantee its return shortly.

Indian Government Interest

The Indian government’s interest in sports and games was hinted at in November
by Yash Bhanushali, one of the biggest players in the Indian sports industry. The influencer happened to mention the names of two well-known BR games, Free Fire and BGMI. without specifically referring to the development of the gaming ecosystem.

Many sports fans who closely follow both titles and have been waiting for their return, cheered expressions such as “good news”, “welcome back”, “FF” and “BGMI”.
Being a well-known figure in the gaming world, Yash’s comments gave Battlegrounds Mobile India players and fans optimism for the game’s comeback.

BGMI Game Return

The popular BGMI sportsman AKOP also discussed the likelihood of the game’s return in 2023 on Instagram Live. He mentioned that he had heard reports that the game might get a new Indian publisher and return next year. His words moved many of his supporters across the country.

Players should remember that it took Krafton only nine months. After PUBG Mobile was banned to release Battlegrounds Mobile India in June 2021. Players can expect BGMI to be re-released in the first months of 2023 as the game is an Indian version. In addition, it can be believed that the game will return faster than during the previous ban since the in-game servers are still working. Players now have no choice. But to wait for Krafton and MeitY to resolve the current issues and return the game to online stores.

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