BGMI new update: Which patch is coming 2.5 vs 2.6?

The BGMI new update will be featuring the 2.5 update, but will not be featuring the 2.6 update.

BGMI new update
PUBG 2.6 (image via. knowledianews.com)

BGMI will be revealing their new game tomorrow on 29th May 2023, and fans have been preparing for it. However, some of the fans have been left confused since they have noticed that the BGMI new update will be 2.5 and not 2.6.

The BGMI description on the Play Store has been updated and a pre-download has been made available to Android users. The iOS version will be available starting from the official game’s release on 29th May 2023. However, many gamers have noticed that the new and updated version mentioned on the app store’s page is still the 2.5 version. Players have been expecting the 2.6 update but that does not seem to be the case.

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BGMI new update: 2.6 delayed?

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While BGMI was banned in India, PUBG has been thriving globally. Many new updates and collaborations have also led to the significant growth of the game. The latest update in PUBG, 2.6, features Themed Erangel: Dinoground, which brings in dinosaurs to the game, along with several other features like updates to World of Wonders. The dinosaur update had become especially popular with the players and BGMI players were eagerly waiting for the same.

This update has been out on PUBG globally, and fans expected that the latest BGMI update will have a similar version. However, to their surprise, when you visit the official Play Store page of BGMI, the version that shows up is the 2.5 version. Android users who have already pre-downloaded the game have also installed this version.

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The 2.5 version features the introducing to World of Wonders game mode, new attachments, mods, and vehicles and also newer events. It seems that BGMI players will get this update instead of the Dinoground one. The reason for this is not known, but the facts can only be checked once the game release to live servers tomorrow.

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