BGMI Domin8r Series: Qualified teams for the Grand Finals and Overall points

The BGMI Domin8r Series hosted by Villager Esports has begun its Grand Finals today and here are the teams that have qualified.

BGMI Domin8r Series
BGMI Domin8r Series Finalists (image via. Villager Esports/Instagram)

BGMI’s return has the fans excited all over the country, and many new esports events have been popping up. The BGMI Domin8r Series will finally conclude with a grand Finals, as the teams gear up to complete for a prize pool of INR 7,00,000.

The Group Stage for Villager’s BGMI Domin8r Series has finally concluded, with 16 teams qualifying for the finals. The Grand Finals will be aired from June 7 till 8, 2023, with a schedule of 6 matches each day, on 3 BGMI maps. All the matches will be livestreamed online on Villager Esports’ Official YouTube channel, each day starting from 1 pm.

BGMI Domin8r Series: All teams and points for Grand Finals

BGMI Domin8r Series
BGMI Domin8r Series: Standings after game 8 (image via. Villager Esports/Instagram)

The qualified teams for BGMI Domin8r Series are as follows:

  • Orangutan Gaming
  • Blind Esports
  • 7Sea Esports
  • Team VST
  • Team Soul
  • Team Destro
  • Verity Esports
  • Revenant Esports
  • Team Punk
  • Team Avii
  • GodLike Esports
  • Marcos Gaming
  • Team Mavi
  • Hyderabad Hydras
  • Team INS
  • OR Esports

YouTube: Villager Esports

Orangutan Gaming has taken center spot in this tournament, amassing two Chicken Dinners and leading with a total of 89 points. They have maintained this position from day 1, and will be the major team to look out for in this tournament. The second spot is dominated by Blind Esports, who also had a great performance, but lost out to Orangutan by 11 points, sitting at 78 points total.

These two have dominated the entire tournament, with the rest of teams still being 10-20 points behind them. However, the results of Finals Day 1 can reverse the tides by quite a bit, so watch out for the livestream on BGMI Villager Esports.

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