BGIS Finals Day 2 Results And Overall Standings: Godlike Loses Top Spot

Here are all the updates and reports from Day 2 of BGIS

BGIS Finals Day 2 Results And Overall Standings: The 3rd day of the Battlegrounds India series was full of a roller coaster ride. The tables for the overall standings were turning all around during the matches.

It can be said that it was not a good day for Godlike Esports. Despite having a lead of almost 20 points, the team lost their first position and had a rough day. Know more details about Day 2 and match results here.

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BGIS Finals Day 2 Overall Standings

Team XO and TSM maintained their consistency and dominated the top 3 positions. Moreover, other teams like Enigma gaming and Reckoning gaming also made a comeback on Day 2 after having a tough first day-1.

Godlike now are 30 points behind the top position from where they ended the Day-1. Team XO managed to bag the top position, leaving TSM on 2nd.

BGIS Overall standings: Reckoning made a strong comeback to place themselves in top 3.

Despite winning a game of Miramar, Team Xspark failed to make it into top 8 on Day-2. Additionally, after having a decent start in the first few games Revenant jumped onto the 9th position.

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BGIS overall standings: bottom 8 teams after Day 2

BGIS Finals Day 2: MVP

Maxy Op from Reckoning esports finished on top of the MVP with 25 finishes. Intrestingly, despite having a rough day, Godlike Neyoo made this place onto the second spot.

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BGIS Finals Day 2 Results And Match Reports

Match-1: Enigma With A Positive Start

BGIS Finals day 2 results
BGIS Finals day 2 results: Enigma with their first WWCD of finals

Engima gaming won the first match, which was played on the map of Erangle. Moreover, it was UDOG India sharing the spot for the highest points as they collected a total of 11 kills and all thanks to their key man fearless.

Table-toppers from yesterday, Godlike were eliminated early but managed to grab some kills.

  • Map: Erangle
  • Winner: Enigma Gaming (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)-23 points
  • 2nd: UDOG India -23 points

Match-2: Reckoning Tastes The Chicken 

BGIS Finals results
BGIS Finals day 2 results: RGE with the WWCD

Reckoning Esports won the game of Miramar as many big names went down earlier in the game. Moreover, the team managed to grab 14 kills and eliminated Orange Rock to win the game.

Teams like Godlike and Xspark failed to make their mark on the first 2 games of Day 2.

  • Map: Miramar
  • Winner: Reckoning Gaming (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)- 29 points
  • 2nd: Orange Rock- 20 points
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Match-3: Orange Rock On Top

BGIS Finals Results
BGIS Finals Results: Godlike and Team Xspark again failed on Day 2

In the third match played on Day 2, Orange Rock finally managed to finish on top. Earlier, the team had a slow start on Day 1 and finished 2nd on map 2 behind Reckoning Esports.

Godlike Esports unlike their nature survived till the 5th zone but failed to get a kill. However, their rival for the top position TSM finished 2nd.

  • Map: Erangle
  • Winner: Orange Rock (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)- 26 points
  • 2nd: TSM- 18 points

Match-4: Team XO Gets Past TSM

BGIS Finals Results
BGIS Finals Results: Team XO with their first WWCD in finals

TSM once again finished 2nd, as this time it was Team XO to stop them to taste the chicken Dinner. The result surely made changes in the points table and Godlike failed once again to put a performance.

Just like any other at Sanhok, Skylightz gaming were seen on heal battle which assured them the 10 placement points.

  • Map: Sanhok
  • Winner: Team XO (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)- 24 points
  • 2nd: TSM- 18 points
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Match-5: Miramar Conquered By Team Xspark

BGIS Finals results: TSM again into top 3

It was Miramar, where Team X spark found their form in the semi-finals and never looked back since then. After some decent performances in final, once again it was the map of Miramar in finals, where Team Xspark won their first game of finals. (Ambien)

This is the fourth win for Team Xspark in the BGIS tournament and all came on Miramar. TSM maintained their consistency and finished 3rd.

  • Map: Miramar
  • Winner: Team Xspark (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)- 29 points
  • 2nd: TSM- 15 points

Match-6: UDOG Ends The Day On A High Note

BGIS Finals Results
BGIS Finals Results: UDOG India takes the last chicken

UDOG India finally got their much-awaited chicken dinner on the last map of Day 2. Earlier, the team finished 2nd on the first Erangle match but managed to win the last one.

The last match winners, Team Xspark were the first team to get eliminated. Also, the ended as a rough one for Godlike as they failed to perform on Day-2.

  • Map: Erangle
  • Winner: UDOG India (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)- 26 points
  • 2nd: Reckoning Esports- 22 points

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