Best upcoming Sci-Fi PC Games for 2023

There are a variety of new Sci Fi games being released this year and we have picked out a few that might suit your tastes.

Best Sci Fi PC Games
Sci Fi PC Games: Replaced (image via. Steam)

Sci Fi is a genre that has awed video games fans for generations. From the Bioshock franchise popularizing the concept, sci-fi PC games have come a long way. With many new titles coming up, we bring you some of the most promising upcoming Sci Fi PC Games for 2023.

The games in this list will be catering to the sci-fi genre, but may also contain a secondary genre as many games come with nowadays. These are the most anticipated games for 2023 from both famed publishers and also some lesser known Indie developers.

3 Upcoming Sci-Fi PC Games


YouTube: GameSpot

A game by Sad Cat studios, Replaced is a story based game where the player sets off on a journey in a world affected by a nuclear explosion. The gameplay features a 3D pixelated world, rich with detail and story. the trailer looks very promising and it seems to have the potential to be one of the best Sci Fi PC games in the coming year.

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Luna Abyss

YouTube: PlayStation

Luna Abyss is a game that will be treat for FPS bullet hell enjoyers. The run and gun gameplay revealed in the trailer is very reminiscent of Doom 2016. You go through a dark Sci-Fi world and fight robotic enemies. The playstyle is run and gun, but also introduces bullet hell aspects like Nier Automata.

It is still uncertain whether the game will be a roguelike or story based, but the gameplay definitely seems like a lot of fun.

The Invincible

YouTube: IGN

Invincible is developed by Starward Industries and features a very unique sci-fi world set in a futuristic environment. The trailer released a few months ago features a small gameplay section which takes us on a journey and shows us the environment we would play in. It is a story driven exploration game, and will likely feature multiple quests.

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From the trailer we see the main character obtains a quest to find the lost crew. The gameplay looks promising and might be a great sci-fi game on its release.

There are many more Sci-Fi PC Games that will be releasing this year, that this list does not mention. Some honorable mentions include Routine and The Expanse: A Telltale Series.

(This list contains the subjective opinion of the author. It is advisable to take the list with a bit of speculation and try out the games for yourself. After all, not everyone will like the same game.)

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