The Best Genshin Impact Thoma Builds: From Shield Support to Pyro DPS

16/10/2023 | Discover the best Thoma builds in Genshin Impact – whether you prefer shield support or Pyro DPS, we’ve got you covered with expert tips. | Credits: Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s 2.2 update introduced Thoma, a new Pyro character, to the game. As players delve into Thoma’s abilities, the question arises: what are the best Thoma builds for this versatile character? This article explores two optimal builds for Thoma, catering to different playstyles – shield support and Pyro DPS.

Thoma: A Quick Overview

Thoma is a four-star character with a Pyro vision. He made his debut alongside Hu Tao on the second banner of the 2.2 update. Thoma’s elemental skill and burst both summon a Pyro shield that protects the active character. The shield’s effectiveness is linked to Thoma’s maximum HP. His burst ability has a significant Pyro damage potential, partially scaling with his max HP, thanks to the Flaming Assault passive.

Thoma Shield Support Build

Weapon: Black Tassel or Staff of Homa

The optimal choice for Thoma’s support build is the three-star polearm, Black Tassel. It stands out because it’s the only polearm with HP% as a secondary stat, which significantly enhances Thoma’s shield strength, as his shield’s power scales with his HP. However, if you desire a weapon with a higher base attack and a useful passive, the five-star Staff of Homa is an alternative. It doesn’t provide as much extra HP as the Black Tassel, but a fully refined Staff comes close. Additionally, it boosts Thoma’s attack based on his max HP.

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Artefacts: Tenacity of the Millelith (2-piece) and Emblem of Severed Fate (2-piece)

Thoma’s support build benefits from a two-piece Tenacity of the Millelith artifact set, offering a 20% HP bonus. Unfortunately, the four-piece set isn’t ideal for Thoma as he can’t trigger its effect often enough. To enhance the shield and boost Thoma’s elemental burst recharge rate, opt for a two-piece Emblem of Severed Fate set. Aim for high HP stats on the Goblet of Eonothem and Circlet of Logos slots, reinforcing the shield’s strength. A Sands of Eon slot with an energy recharge stat ensures Thoma can cast his burst as soon as the cooldown ends.

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Thoma Pyro DPS Build

Weapon: Engulfing Lightning

For those who want to maximize Thoma’s Pyro damage potential, a Pyro DPS build is the way to go. Thoma’s elemental burst not only deals substantial initial damage but also triggers additional Pyro area-of-effect attacks with the active character’s normal attacks for 15 seconds. This effect persists even after Thoma leaves the battlefield. To accommodate the high energy cost of Thoma’s burst (80 energy), a polearm like the five-star Engulfing Lightning is recommended. It features an energy recharge stat and enhances Thoma’s attack based on extra energy.

Artefacts: Noblesse Oblige (2-piece) and Crimson Witch of Flames (2-piece)

For a Pyro DPS build, the ideal artefact sets are the two-piece Noblesse Oblige, which boosts elemental burst damage by 20%, and the two-piece Crimson Witch of Flames, increasing Pyro damage by 15%. To ensure consistent energy recharge for Thoma’s burst, consider the Sands of Eon slot with an energy recharge stat. The Goblet slot should prioritize Pyro damage, while the Circlet slot should prioritize critical damage, with critical rate as a secondary choice if critical damage stats are insufficient.

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Thoma’s arrival in Genshin Impact introduces a versatile character capable of excelling as a shield support or a Pyro DPS. With the right weapon and artefact combinations, players can harness Thoma’s strengths to suit their preferred playstyle. Whether reinforcing their team’s defences or unleashing fiery devastation, Thoma is a valuable addition to any player’s roster.

Note: Genshin Impact’s in-game mechanics and character abilities may change with updates and patches, so it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest information to optimize your character builds effectively.

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