Best Games Similar to BGMI for Android in 2023

Bgmi ban
06/01/2023/Players can play other games as alternative of BGMI/Credits: ADMM Gaming YouTube.

On June 2021, BattleGrounds Mobile India, also known as BGMI, was published in the Indian gaming market. Fans and players of the game were discouraged by the incident. Despite loud protests from many, the game hasn’t returned to India yet.

Due to this, a lot of Android gamers have gone to the Google Play Store to look for different games to play. This action has significantly aided the expansion of other titles as well.

Best Games Similar to BGMI

Players can utilize other games which are similar to BGMI. These games were given below;

New State Mobile

This game’s maps, UI, themes, and other elements are identical to those of BGMI. The nicest aspect of the game, though, is its superior PC-like graphics over its mobile equivalents.

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The game regularly hosts numerous unauthorized competitions, making it one of the greatest alternatives for Indian gamers to switch to following the ban on Battlegrounds Mobile India. Many well-known streamers have been spotted playing the game, including Scout, MortaL, Aman, and Akshu.

Many Indian players switched to the newer Max version as a result of the ban put on the latter in February 2022. Due to the game’s modest hardware requirements, it has gained popularity among players using low-end mobile devices.

Free Fire Max

Free Fire Max can slake the hunger for the BR game experience of BGMI users looking for alternatives. The game increases the excitement of the original mode by providing a similar BR experience in less time. Furthermore, this game includes several maps, the same as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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By XSQUADS Tech, ScarFall: The Royale Combat is being created. The fact that the game provides both online and offline in-game modes is one of its strongest aspects.

The 15-minute length of each classic mode match keeps players interested. In BR modes, players can move more quickly by piloting helicopters and driving futuristic vehicles. New weaponry also improves users’ BR gaming experiences.

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile, which was released in 2022, has great graphics and frantic gameplay that instantly became popular all over the world. After selecting the Legend of their choice, players can enter the battlefields. Each Legend is unique from others due to particular special abilities.

Like BGMI, Apex Legends Mobile offers a variety of modes, including ranked BR, multiplayer, training, and deathmatch. A new Legend named Revenant will also be available to gamers who download the game in early 2023.

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The game is based on well-known BR titles like PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire. Buildings in the game are comparable to those in BGMI, and character movement and guns are comparable to those in Garena Free Fire.


Survival: Fire Battlegrounds can be a nice game to try out in 2023 because it has many similar features and a small download size of 385 MB. While the aforementioned titles are excellent BGMI substitutes, players may also try COD Mobile and Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground.

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