Apex Legends Season 18 Completely Reworks Revenant: New Abilities and Changes Revealed

Apex Legends Season 18 will be featuring a completely changed Revenant with new and better abilities.

Apex Legends Season 18
Apex Legends Season 18: Revenant Rework (image via. pcgamer.com)

Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection, will be the latest and brand-new update, and will also be featuring a major rework of a legend. Revenant is getting a complete overhaul in this update, as the Apex Legends developers have changed his kit completely. In a short reveal, the new abilities in his kit were revealed just a few moments ago.

Apex Legends‘ latest season will be changing a lot of things in-game. This includes weapon changes, gameplay changes and additions. However, the most notable change among them was the change in the legend’s kit. There have been talks about changing his play style completely, and finally it has been revealed to live servers.

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Apex Legends Season 18: Revenant Gets Brand New Abilities

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This patch has been long awaited, and there are major changes in it. Weapons have been updated and changed, which might lead to a shift in the meta. All SMGs are getting nerfed, shotguns are viable now, and the Charged Rifle has bullet drop now. Along with these, the agent getting completely changed this time is Revenant.

All of Revenant’s abilities and passive have been changed completely. Here is a rundown on his latest kit in Apex Legends Season 18:

  • Passive: Assassin’s Instinct – Increases the speed of Revenant’s climbing, and crouch walking speed. Moreover, he will be able to sense low health targets and marked targets in the map. Additionally, this information will be relayed to everyone on the team. This will be in a small radius around Revenant.
  • Shadow Pounce (Tactical) – This will allow him to dash forward. But players can hold this ability to charge it up and cover a larger distance.
  • Forged Shadows (Ultimate) – Revenant creates shadows that shield him from damage. This also enables him to recharge abilities if he can score kills during this mode.
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These abilities will require the players to have a fresh start for this character. However, if you want to try it, Revenant will be available as a free-to-play for the whole season.

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