All About the New Fortnite Bragging Rights Tournament

fortnite bragging rights
fortnite bragging rights

The Epic game has disclosed their plans for Fortnite Competitive in 2021 which includes a new tournament series Fortnite Bragging Rights where winners from each event will special shoutouts from the Fortnite Competitive Twitter handle. This will start on January 8 on most Fridays throughout season 5. Here you will get to know about the Fortnite Bragging rights tournament series, its format, how to join, schedule and much more.

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Fortnite Bragging Rights: How to join

Fortnite Bragging Rights Tournament is accessible to all the players no matter what their skill level is. To join the tournament, login to Fortnite, go to the ‘Competitive’ tab and join with your team. The players on a team should be on the same platform.

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Fortnite Bragging Rights Schedule: Date and Times

The Fortnite Bragging Rights schedule for January 2021:

Tournament 1: 8th January 2021

Tournament 2: 15th January 2021

Tournament 3: 22nd January 2021

Tournament 4: 29th January 2021

The Fortnite Bragging Rights are planned to end on 15th March.

Fortnite Bragging Rights
Fortnite Bragging Rights

 Format and scoring of The Tournament:

Players can look for a variety of modes and formats during the tournament. The Fortnite Bragging Rights tournament will feature a Trios format which means you will require two other players on your team . The platform is available to all the players and the scoring system will be similar as we had in the past.

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 Prizes related to this tournament:

Fortnite Bragging Rights tournaments don’t have a cash prize but players will special shoutouts from the Fortnite Competitive Twitter handle.

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