Epic Games Addresses Fortnite FOV Slider Debate: Why It’s Unlikely to Happen

Fortnite FOV
04/11/2023 | Explore the debate over Fortnite’s lack of a Field of View (FOV) slider and why changing your Fortnite FOV isn’t an option. | Credits: Fortnite

Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the biggest games in the world, captivating players of all ages with its vibrant battle royale experience. However, as perfect as it may seem, Fortnite has not been immune to controversy. One of the most significant debates that has raged within the Fortnite community over the years revolves around the Field of View (FOV) slider.

The Importance of FOV in Gaming

Field of View refers to the extent of the observable game world that is visible on the screen at any given moment. In essence, it determines how much you can see in your gaming environment. While FOV may not be a concern for all players, it is crucial for some, primarily due to two key factors:

  1. Motion Sickness: A limited FOV can cause motion sickness for some players. This discomfort can make it impossible for them to play the game for an extended period. Increasing the FOV can alleviate this problem.
  2. Competitive Advantage: On the other hand, a wider FOV can provide a competitive edge. It allows players to see more of their surroundings, making it easier to spot enemies and react to in-game events.
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Can You Change Your Fortnite FOV?

Unfortunately, Fortnite players do not have the option to change their Fortnite FOV. Epic Games, the developer behind Fortnite, addressed this issue in a blog post titled “Fortnite Competitive Development” back in 2019. In this post, the Fortnite team explained why a FOV slider was not available and expressed concerns regarding the game’s competitive integrity.

The Fortnite team’s argument against introducing a FOV slider was multi-faceted. They emphasized that when a game feature offers a gameplay advantage, players tend to use it to maximize their chances of success, even if it negatively affects the game’s aesthetics and experience. As a result, stretched characters and distorted views detract from Fortnite’s role as an entertainment experience for all players.

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The absence of a Fortnite FOV slider was also attributed to potential impacts on visual fidelity, varied engagement ranges, and overall game performance. Epic Games concluded that implementing an FOV slider was not a priority at the time.

Past Attempts and Glitches

While Epic Games has remained steadfast in its decision not to implement an Fortnite FOV slider, some players have resorted to various attempts and glitches to artificially increase their FOV. These methods included exploiting bugs, such as a split-second slide animation bug, or manually modifying the game’s engine and adjusting specific .ini files to boost the FOV.

However, these glitches have been addressed through patches, and tampering with Fortnite’s files may result in a ban imposed by Epic Games. The developer has also restricted stretched resolution to prevent players from gaining a significant competitive advantage, despite potential drawbacks for some players’ experiences.

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The Fortnite FOV slider debate has been a contentious issue among players for years. While there is no official FOV slider in the game, players have tried various methods to adjust their FOV, albeit with risks involved. Whether Epic Games will reconsider its stance on this feature in the future remains uncertain, leaving players to adapt to the existing FOV settings in the meantime.

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