Acer’s Asia Pacific Predator League 2024 Kicks Off With US$400,000 Prize Pool

Predator League 2024
28/09/2023 | Acer’s Predator League 2024 nurtures esports talent. Valorant takes centre stage in Singapore qualifiers, leading to the Grand Finals in the Philippines. | Credits: Acer

Acer’s Asia Pacific Predator League has been a nurturing ground for both established and emerging esports talents since its inception in 2018. Year after year, thousands of teams eagerly join the fray, pursuing their dreams of competing in the illustrious Predator League. Acer’s commitment to fostering and elevating the esports industry is evident through this annual tournament, which has played a pivotal role in advancing the careers of countless players in previous seasons.

Predator League 2024 in Singapore: Valorant Takes Center Stage

Acer Singapore is gearing up for the local qualifiers of Predator League 2024, featuring the immensely popular game Valorant. Registration for this thrilling competition kicks off on 27 September 2023, with online qualifiers scheduled for 14th October 2023. Subsequently, the Predator League 2024 Singapore Finals are slated for 28th October 2023. The Valorant champions of this local showdown will not only claim a prize pool exceeding S$10,000, but they will also secure their spot to represent Singapore in the Grand Finals held in the Philippines.

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Predator League 2024
28/09/2023 | Acer’s Predator League 2024 nurtures esports talent. Valorant takes center stage in Singapore qualifiers, leading to Grand Finals in the Philippines. | Credits: Acer

The Grand Finals in the Philippines: Showcasing Esports Excellence

The pinnacle of Acer’s Asia Pacific Predator League 2024 is set to unfold at the iconic SM Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines, from the 13th to the 14th of January 2024. This grand event will bring together esports teams from across the Asia Pacific region. Here, they will engage in fierce competition for the prestigious Predator Shield and a substantial prize pool of US$400,000. Qualified teams will need to showcase their expertise in Dota 2 and Valorant on this grand stage to clinch the championship titles in their respective tournaments.

Acer’s Commitment to Elevating Esports in the APAC Region

Andrew Hou, President of Acer Pan Asia Pacific Operations, expressed his excitement about the Predator League. He stated, “Predator League is our lasting commitment to further build up the level of play and the gaming community in the APAC region, which has seen growing success on the world stage in recent years. We are excited to bring the Asia Pacific Predator League to Manila once again, home to one of the biggest and most dynamic esports fanbases, and we look forward to seeing some amazing gameplay from all the participating teams.”

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The Asia Pacific Predator League continues to be a significant platform for nurturing and showcasing esports talent, fostering competition, and elevating the esports community in the region. Acer’s dedication to this endeavour reflects the growing prominence of esports on the world stage and its commitment to supporting this dynamic industry. As the 2024 Grand Finals approach, esports enthusiasts eagerly anticipate witnessing the intense battles and emerging talents that this prestigious tournament will undoubtedly deliver.

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