8 Most Satisfying Video Game Endings

8 Most Satisfying Video Game Endings
8 Most Satisfying Video Game Endings

A great video game ending can leave you feeling exhilarated, thoughtful, or even a little teary-eyed. It’s when all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, your choices resonate, and the journey feels both complete and deeply rewarding. Some make your tears of joy come out and some cause a pain in the heart. Some may simply provide a surge of dopamine, resulting in the most satisfying execution of the story and action. Keeping that in mind, the heartfelt satisfaction is what combines all of these.

Video Game Endings: A Heartfelt Satisfaction

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Let’s look at some games that nailed this sense of satisfying closure:

1. The Last of Us (2013)

Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic masterpiece delivered one of the most controversial and morally complex endings in gaming. Joel’s decision to save Ellie from the Fireflies dooms humanity’s chance at a cure but prioritizes their bond above all else. It’s a dark, selfish, yet heartbreakingly understandable choice that sparks endless debates and underlines the game’s themes of love, loss, and survival.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018)

Rockstar Games told a tragic tale of redemption and the Wild West’s fading era. Arthur Morgan’s story is one of sacrifice and consequence, ultimately culminating in a poignant ending that varies based on your choices throughout the game. Regardless of the path you take, Red Dead Redemption 2‘s finale is an emotionally resonant conclusion to an epic Western saga.

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3. Mass Effect 2 (2010)

BioWare’s space opera delivered a pulse-pounding “suicide mission” as its grand finale. The fate of your beloved squadmates depends entirely on the choices you’ve made, the relationships you’ve nurtured, and your preparation. Pulling off this high-stakes mission with your crew intact is incredibly rewarding, while the possibility of loss lends the ending gravitas and consequence.

4. God of War (2018)

Kratos’ journey from vengeful demigod to a more nuanced father figure was captivating. The 2018 God of War’s ending reveals the true purpose of his and Faye’s journey, setting the stage for future conflict while granting a sense of both closure and anticipation for what’s to come. The final scenes, laden with symbolism and emotional weight, deliver a beautiful conclusion to this chapter in Kratos’ life.

5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015)


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CD Projekt Red’s sprawling RPG offered numerous endings based on decisions made throughout the game. The Witcher 3’s true strength lies in how deeply personal the ending feels. The fates of beloved characters, the political landscape, and even Geralt’s romantic life are shaped by your actions. It ensures that every player’s ending, whether bittersweet or triumphant, is uniquely theirs.

6. Portal 2 (2011)

Valve’s puzzle masterpiece is as hilarious as it is mind-bending. Portal 2’s ending subverts expectations, delivers an iconic musical number (Want You Gone!), and provides genuine closure to Chell’s story. It’s surprisingly poignant, witty, and thematically satisfying, proving that even puzzle games can stick the landing.

7. Undertale (2015)

This indie darling turned the RPG genre on its head. Depending on your approach, Undertale offers multiple endings ranging from heartwarming to deeply unsettling. True closure is only reached by understanding the game’s meta-commentary on player choice and the desire for different outcomes. Undertale’s endings force introspection and linger in your memory long after you finish.

8. Ghost of Tsushima (2020)

Sucker Punch Productions crafted a samurai epic full of beauty and heartbreak. Ghost of Tsushima’s finale forces Jin Sakai to make a difficult choice between honor and protecting his people. The ending is visually stunning, emotionally powerful, and perfectly captures the core conflict at the heart of Jin’s journey.

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These games exemplify the power of a well-crafted ending. They can make us cheer, reflect, and even shed a few tears. A satisfying ending elevates the entire experience, leaving a lasting impression long after the credits roll.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few more games that deserve recognition for their memorable conclusions:

  • Bioshock Infinite (2013): A mind-bending ending that reframes everything you thought you knew.
  • Life is Strange (2015): A heart-wrenching final choice with major repercussions.
  • Shadow of the Colossus (2005): A bittersweet ending that lingers on its haunting beauty and ambiguity.
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (2016): A fitting end to Nathan Drake’s adventures, balancing thrilling action with a touch of melancholy.

What are some of your favorite game endings? Share the experiences that stuck with you long after you finished playing!

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