Mastering the Art of Heists: 5 Tips for Success in Thief Simulator

Thief Simulator
30/08/2023 | Thief Simulator rewards careful planning, calculated execution, and astute observation. | Credits: Noble Muffins

Fledgling burglars have been honing their skills in the virtual world of Thief Simulator for several years, with developer Noble Muffin’s acclaimed heist series gaining momentum. As anticipation builds for a second instalment, fans of the game must rely on the original Thief Simulator to satisfy their thieving cravings.

For newcomers diving into the world of illicit activities, Thief Simulator can be a maze of confusion. With its intricate mechanics, understanding the game can be challenging. To aid you in your criminal endeavours, we’ve distilled the five best tips for thriving in the world of Thief Simulator in 2023.

1. Deliberate Planning over Reckless Action

Contrary to games like Payday, where brute force often yields results, Thief Simulator thrives on meticulous planning. Rash actions will lead to undesirable outcomes. Barging into home brandishing tools won’t get you far—nor the sought-after cash.

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To be successful without arousing suspicion, invest time in gathering intel, observing targets, and learning routines. Watch from the shadows, gain insight, and narrow down your approach zone. Spontaneity doesn’t pay; thoughtful planning does.

2. Study Your Targets Intensely in Thief Simulator

Breaking in and out of properties is insufficient if you don’t understand your targets’ movements and routines. Studying your targets over a 24-hour cycle is vital. This enables you to set markers on their whereabouts and daily activities, visible on the top-right corner of the screen.

Initially, focus on entering when residents are away, indicated by the slider. The blue area signals a safe entry. Carefully time your approach to avoid unwanted attention and maximize your loot.

3. Equip Yourself Wisely

Each property poses security challenges, from locked doors to barred windows. To overcome these hurdles, you’ll need specific tools, such as lock picks. Acquire necessary equipment from Tools4Thieves on your in-game computer. However, be cautious—the more tools you carry, the less loot you can steal.

Reconnaissance guides your tool selection. A floor plan walkthrough reveals access points and levels. Tailor your tools to the task at hand, whether it’s climbing gear for higher entry points or robust lock picks for locked doors.

4. Choose the Right Time for Heists in Thief Simulator

Robbing during the day can be advantageous, as homeowners are typically absent. Daylight heists grant extra time for thorough looting. However, more pedestrians may be present, complicating your entry.

Balancing this, know homeowners’ routines. Some return during the day but stay away at night. Observe for 24 hours to identify patterns and choose the optimal heist window.

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5. Practice Makes Perfect in Thief Simulator

Amid the pressure of heists, preparation is paramount. Before venturing out, hone your skills by burglarizing your virtual home within the game. Your safe house serves as a training ground for lock picking and other skills, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the real deal.

Thief Simulator rewards careful planning, calculated execution, and astute observation. As fans eagerly await the sequel, mastering these tips will ensure you thrive in the original game’s immersive world of theft and strategy. The game is available in Steam.

Note: The advice provided is for gameplay purposes only and does not endorse or promote any illegal activities in real life.

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