Grab The Graven Bundle in The Fortnite Item Shop

If you don't know about the Graven Bundle in Fortnite yet, you should definitely check out our guide for it here.

fortnite graven bundle
23/10/2022 | Fortnite Graven Bundle in Fortnite item shop today | Credits: Epic Games

A lot of the skins and outfits make their appearance in the Fortnite Item Shop after almost a year. This cycle is repeating and usually skins will be back during this period. Although, some skins are reserved for specific events and will only show up during that event either annually or occasionally. The Graven Bundle and it’s skin in Fortnite Item Shop today is another such example. Also find out everything about Graven’s Curse in Fortnite.

What is The Graven Bundle in Fortnite?

The Graven Bundle is an awesome looking Halloween-special outfit. The Graven skin is an Epic rarity outfit that is inspired from an NPC in-game. The skin costs 1500 V-bucks and the bundle costs 2200 V-bucks. The components of the Graven Bundle in Fortnite are as follows:

  • Graven – Outfit (Epic): 1500 V-bucks
  • Graven’s Wings – Glider (Epic): 1200 V-bucks
  • Embalmwings – Back bling (Epic)
  • Cursed Crescent – Harvesting tool (Rare): 800 V-bucks

What’s so Special About The Graven Bundle?

The speciality about the Graven Bundle is that it has only made 11 appearances. And all of them were during the last year’s Halloween. The first occurence was in Chapter 2 Season 8 Oct 23, 2021. We also know it as the Graven’s Curse Set. During that time he used to spawn at Dusted Depot as an NPC. According to the lore Graven went to a beach after his appearance changed to what he’s like now. Changing the raven skin before just with a hint of beaches in it.

Master of the cursed tomb, a brooding man. Raven visited a beach once, and, well… The way he is now. Avoid bringing up sandboarding with him. You’ll spend all day here. Apart from this, Graven bundle is also going to be a part of the Fortnitemates 2022. So you’ll probably see him lasting throughout Halloween. And Graven made his last appearance around 356 days ago, which makes him almost a ha. So grab him while you can!

What’s in The Fortnite Item Shop Today For Halloween?

Apart from the Knowby Cabin Nightmare featuring Ash Williams, we also have Rick and Morty skins. They include Mr. Meeseeks, Summer C-137 and Mecha Morty. We also have the Jack Gourdon, Hollowhead and Chrome Punk skins featuring with the carved pumpkin heads. All of which are Epic rarity skins.

And that’s about it for the Graven Bundle and some of the other items in Fortnite Item Shop today. For more such updates, news, items and new skins in Fortnite, make sure to keep following us. Make sure to check out the Graven’s Curse bundle in the shop today. You should consider adding it to your Halloween collection.

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