Nats Valorant: Settings, Crosshair, Sensitivity, and More

nAts Valorant
26/09/2022 | nAts is known as the best initiator in Valorant and has lived up to that name so far. | Credits: Valorant

The Valorant esports scene has received a new rising player, Ayaz โ€nAtsโ€ Akhmetshin of Gambit Esports, now M3C, after his impeccable overall performance in the current VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin. Nats is properly recognized for his first-rate Cypher and Viper plays. Heโ€™s robust with his protect and lurking experience, which advantages the squad in prevailing rounds with ease. Heโ€™s currently one of the pinnacle gamers in no longer solely the EMEA vicinity but additionally all over the world.

Numerous followers throughout the world are stimulated by using Natsโ€™prowess in Valorant. Still, to acclimatize his playstyle, gamers want to begin with the fundamentals with the aid of understanding his in-game settings.

Players can discover the variety of Valorant settings used with the aid of Nats furnished under:

Nats Mouse Settings

Setting Value
DPI 800
Sensitivity 0.49
Zoom Sensitivity 1.00
eDPI 392
Hz 1000
Windows Sensitivity 6
Raw Input Off
Mouse acceleration Off

Nats Valorant Crosshair


Setting Value
Color Green
Outlines On
Outline Opacity 1.00
Outline Thickness 1.00
Centre Dot Off
Center Dot Opacity 1.00
Center Dot Thickness 1.00

Inner Lines

Setting Value
Show Inner Lines On
Inner Lines Opacity 1.00
Inner Line Length 2.00
Inner Lines Thickness 1.00
Inner Line Offset 2.00
Movement Error Off
Firing Error Off

Outer Lines

Setting Value
Show Inner Lines Off
Inner Lines Opacity 0
Inner Line Length 0
Inner Lines Thickness 0
Inner Line Offset 0
Movement Error Off
Firing Error Off

Nats Valorant Keybinds

Setting Value
Walk L-Shift
Crouch L-Ctrl
Jump Space Bar
Use Object E
Equip Primary Weapon 1
Equip Secondary Weapon 2
Equip Melee 3
Equip Spike 5
Ability: 1 Mouse 4
Ability: 2 4
Ability: 3 C
Ability: Ultimate X

Nats Monitor and Resolution

Setting Value
Resolution 1280×960
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Scaling Native
Refresh Rate 240hz
Response Time 1ms
Display Mode Fullscreen

Nats Video Settings

Setting Value
Multithreaded Rendering On
Material Quality Low
Texture Quality Medium
Detail Quality Low
UI Quality Low
Vignette Off
VSync Off
Anti-Aliasing MSAA 4x
Anisotropic Filtering 16x
Improve Clarity Off
Experimental Sharpening Off
Bloom Off
Distortion Off
Cast Shadows On

Nats Equipment

Equipment ropz
Mouse ZOWIE S2
Monitor ZOWIE XL2546K
Keyboard HyperX Alloy FPS Pro
Headset HyperX Cloud Alpha S


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