Free Fire Max OB36 Update Maintenance End: All Details

Free Fire Max OB36 Update Maintenance End: All Details
The time for the Free Fire Max OB36 update maintenance has come to an end! (Image Via Moroesports).

Garena updates the initial release of the Advance Server earlier this month. Players are now anxiously waiting for its release. This update was made available on the Advance Server earlier this month, and players are now eagerly awaiting its release.

Starting today, Free Fire gamers will be able to finally enjoy the OB36 update, as it becomes available on game servers. Update messages have been popping up on most devices, but some people may not see them because they are in-game.

The new update brings a lot of new features and bug fixes to the game such as a new sniper mode and a more user-friendly interface.

Free Fire MAX OB36 Update Maintenance

The game servers went down on September 6th at around 9:30 am (5:30 PM in GMT) and will not be available for 7 hours. Players who have downloaded the latest version of the game will also not be able to access it during this time.

According to the server maintenance, they went offline at 9:30 am and are expected to return at 5:10 pm.The servers will be back up at the end of the break, so we can continue updating things for fans. Until then, enjoy downloading the new update on Google Play Store!

The server maintenance informs people that they will be offline for a period of time, but they are expected to return at a specific time. This notice tells us when they will be back up and people can continue using the website during this time.

Latest Updates

The latest update for Free Fire MAX is rolling out as fast as possible, with a large part of the player base already on board. Upgrading the game to OB36 has been an exciting time for gamers and publishers alike.

The latest update features new champions, new skins and a new Map. Garena is helping to promote the update by releasing social media posts and updating its Advance Server progams with the latest content.

The new update for OB36 has many changes made to it. Other changes include an updated design and a better user experience. The long-awaited OB36 Update for Garena Free Fire is finally live.

  • Character: Tatsuya is one of the new character line-up with an Active ability named Rebel Rush. Introducing a new gun skin system will allow gamers to turn their temporary weapon cosmetics into permanent ones.
  • Treatment Laser: It will potentially be a new variant for Treatment Sniper and Treatment Pistol, allowing users to heal their teammates.
  • Gloo Melter Grenade: A new type of grenade which creates corrosion to gloo walls while also dealing damage to players.
  • Protection Card:A new Protection Card will be available for purchase in the in-game store. This card will offer protection against gloo walls and explosions.

New Content

The OB36 update for Free Fire MAX will not only bring new features to the game. But it will also give players an excellent opportunity to get freebies through events. This time, the developers have prepared a lengthy maintenance period in order to properly implement all the new content.

As a result, players will have to wait a bit longer for the update to be released. However, the wait will be worth it as the OB36 update will bring a lot of new and exciting things to Free Fire MAX.

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