Indian Teams Will Receive A Slot At PMGC 2022 After BGMI ban?

Indian Teams Will Receive A Slot At PMGC 2022 After BGMI ban?
If the BGMI ban is lifted, will Indian teams be given a slot at PMGC 2022?(Image Via Moroesports).

The withdrawal of the Indian teams from PUBG has been a major letdown for fans, who had hoped to see their favourite BGMI clubs compete again. Tencent did not offer any spots in the championship to any BGMI team, however.

As a result, the Indian teams will be unable to participate in the PMGC 2022 tournament. This is an especially devastating blow for India’s PUBG Mobile scene, which was only just gaining some steam.

The cancellation of the Indian team in PMGC 2022 competition will have a significant detrimental effect on the development of the Battlegrounds Mobile India esports scene. Indian fans will now have to wait and see if any other opportunity emerges for their teams to compete on the global stage.


There is currently no official Battlegrounds Mobile India team that will compete in the global PUBG Mobile event. The PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) is an annual event for the mobile battle royale game, PUBG Mobile.

The tournament is organized by PUBG Corporation and Tencent Games, and features teams from all around the world competing for a share of the massive prize pool.


The 2021 edition of the PMGC was won by the Korean team, Gen.G. They are taking home a very large sum of 2.5 million dollars. The event occurred in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates from January 21st to 30th.

This year’s competition boasted a grand prize of $1 million, with 24 teams competing from both China and Korea. India was represented by GodLike Esports and SouL, which competed in the event.

PMGC 2022 Announcement

The team qualified for the Global Championship after finishing fourth in the tournament. GodLike Esports made it to the semi-finals of the competition, ultimately placing fourth. Many have praised GodLike Esports‘ performance, and they have been given a spot in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Global Championship.

Even though it is rapidly approaching, we do not know if any Indian team will be invited to the tournament. Krafton has yet to make any announcements. So there is still some ambiguity surrounding the subject. It would be a wonderful opportunity for an Indian team to get experience on a global scale.

Of the 48 slots in PMGC 2022’s League stage, Tencent has announced 46 of them. For the League stage, two places remain unannounced; and for the Grand Finals, one slot is yet to be filled.

The qualification process for the 2022 League Stage of the PMGC will include 46 teams competing for a place in the league. And the number of spots available in the League stage has not been revealed.

PMGC 2022 Qualification

After securing the top spot in Group A, Cameroon will have a chance to claim first place in Africa. The Gold Cup champion qualifies automatically for the next edition of the competition. But it must win another regionally organized event before 2021 to get automatic qualification for 2022.

The knockout stage is a best-of-three double-elimination tournament. The losing team in the top bracket will have a chance to make amends by going through the lower bracket.ย The final series will be a best-of-seven contest. The winner of the PMGC 2022 League Stage will be determined by who wins four games first.

The top 15 teams from the League Stage will qualify automatically for the Grand Finals. The 16th team will be determined through a qualifier that includes the remaining 31 teams.

Tencent has announced the qualification procedure for the 2022 League Stage of the PMGC. The competition will feature 46 teams, with the top 15 proceeding to the Grand Finals. Two spots have yet to be filled for the League stage, and one slot is available for the Grand Finals.

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