BGMI New M14 Royale Pass: Everything You Need To Know

BGMI New M14 Royale Pass
BGMI New M14 Royale Pass

BGMI New M14 Royale Pass: Everything You Need To Know. There is still no unban date for the BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). Even after more than three weeks of the ban. Interestingly, the game servers are still up and running. In-game purchases are no longer possible because the Indian authorities forbade the localized version of PUBG Mobile.

Nights of the Fables, the M14 Royale Pass, is currently playable in the game. It’s interesting to note that many Indian players were unable to purchase the Elite Pass for the new season since the upgrade button in the RP area was broken. Therefore, individuals who had enough UC in their account yet wanted to upgrade to RP M14 were unsuccessful.

BGMI M14 Royale Pass: Nights of the Fables

The upgrade button appears to be functioning. Players who have enough UC in their wallets can buy the Royale Pass M14. Users can download the file for the recently released Royale Pass M14, much like other in-game goodies. Since the game servers are still running in India, one can also access the RP portion. However, there initially appeared to be a problem or bug with the Royale Pass upgrade button that prevented consumers from making the purchase.

Players can purchase Elite Pass 360 UC or Elite Pass Plus by using the upgrade feature 960 UC. Even though everyone can use the in-game feature. Only players with enough UC can purchase the RP M14 because they are no longer able to purchase Unknown Cash in BGMI. In-game transactional services have been disabled since Google Play services stopped functioning when BGMI was taken down from the Play Store. Users should therefore avoid purchasing Elite Pass or Elite Pass Plus from the Royale Pass section if they don’t have enough UC.

Even though a lot of YouTubers and articles from other websites have offered ways to purchase UC using modifications or files, doing so could result in the users’ accounts being banned.

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