Why BGMI Lite Never Get a Release date After BGMI’s Ban?

Why BGMI Lite Never Get a Release date After BGMI's Ban?
Reason For Why BGMI Lite Never Get a Release date After BGMI’s Ban In India

Despite being anticipated by fans, the recent suspension of Battlegrounds Mobile India has halted the game’s release. It is unclear when or if the game will be released again, but fans will have to wait and see.

It was a quick and unexpected shift that left the majority of India’s gaming industry stunned. The postponement of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s release is a major setback for the Indian gaming community. The game was highly anticipated and seen as a sign of hope for the esports scene in India, which has been struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The shutting down of Battlegrounds Mobile India has dealt a severe blow to the Indian gaming industry. For many, the game was their first step into the world of competitive video gaming in India.

BGMI Ban Reasons

The reason for the game’s removal from Playstore remains a mystery. However, this incident has dealt a significant blow to India’s gaming industry.

The potential ban on PUBG Mobile in India has not only impacted the expansion of gaming in the country but has also pushed back the release date of the Lite version. Krafton has always concentrated on improving the game’s main edition and hasn’t yet announced when a Lite version will be available.

The company simply launched a poll on the official PUBG Mobile India website asking visitors if they would be willing to wait for the Lite version. Nowadays, it’s unclear when or if the Lite version will be released in India.

Potential Ban

To the disappointment of many, a recent potential ban has put a damper on the growth of gaming in India. PUBG Mobile, one of the key factors driving this growth, was seeing an increase in popularity with over 200 million downloads. The game’s professional players have also been on the rise in numbers.

The potential ban on PUBG Mobile Lite will not only affect the game’s player base but also the earnings of professional players. Many of these players earn a living through tournaments and sponsorships. The ban will also have an impact on the businesses of those who host these tournaments.

There has been no official word on when PUBG Mobile Lite will be released in India. The game’s developer, Krafton, has not made any public statement regarding the Lite version’s availability. Only a poll was posted on the company’s social media asking whether players want the game to return.

The potential prohibition of BGMI Ban also sparked concerns about the fate of other battle royale games in India. These competitive video games have been gaining popularity in recent years, and some people are afraid that a ban on PUBG Mobile Lite would set off a chain reaction, with additional titles being banned as well.

This is not the first time that PUBG Mobile has raised red flags with the Indian government. In 2019, officials banned the game for a short period due to security concerns.

The potential prohibition of PUBG Mobile Lite occurs at a timely moment when the game was just starting to take hold in India. The game had only been accessible for a few months, yet it already boasted a huge player base.

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