Valorant Points: How To Get Them For Free, 100% Working Trick

Valorant Points
Free Valorant Points

How to Get Free Valorant Points? Let’s Find out. Valorant is one of the most trending FPS games in India. So What are these Valorant Points? They are nothing but in-game currency. The Points can be used to redeem and Purchase Battle passes and Skins. Players can add their real money to get Valorant Points which can be later redeemed.

What if we told you there is a simple way to get Free Valorant Points. Yes, It’s True and Legitimate. All you have to do is submit a simple drawing and you’ll be rewarded with 50 Valorant Points. Players can draw anything related to the game. Be it Agents, Abilities, Maps, and more. It Doesn’t have to be perfect as well as they don’t consider the Quality of the drawings. You will get an email or a reply to the ticket from player support.

How To Get These Valorant Points For Free?

To get these free 50 Valorant points, Players must visit the official Valorant Support Page. Players should then just Submit a Ticket next. You can categorize it as Either General or Purchases and In-game Content. The next step is to attach your drawing in simple terms. Why do you need these Valorant Points? Once the Drawing is attached and you are done. Just submit the Page. You will receive an email or a reply from support.

Earlier IN 2016, RIOT Games had officially released a Video on their Youtube Handle Will Draw For Riot Points: A Celebration of RP Art. This Tradition was started by the League of Legends Players and now it’s can be utilized in Valorant as well. The Video was uploaded to show the different levels of drawings they’ve received and irrespective of the quality every drawing will be considered.

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