Valorant Voice Chat Not Working 2022: Know How To Fix It

Many players reported an issue related to the voice chat in Valorant, know how to fix it.

Valorant Voice Chat Not Working
Know how to fix the voice error in Valorant

Valorant Voice Chat Not Working 2022: In the recent few weeks, most of the players reported a complaint on the support page of Valorant. It is being said that players are having voice chat glitch in Valorant. Also, it doesn’t occur regularly but randomly. So, here are all the details on how to fix the mic or voice chat glitch in Valorant.

Valorant Voice Chat Not Working: Why The Issue?

Valorant Voice Chat Not Working:
Valorant Agents

There could be simple reasons behind the issue. Furthermore, it might be possible that it is not working because of the drivers or there have been some changes made in the basic settings.

Windows regularly drops updates for its users. Additionally, there are also audio drivers in them. So, make sure to check these updates as they might be one of the reasons behind this. Also, the game is full of errors but an error like this is rarely seen. So, we cannot blame the game on this.

So, let’s have a look at how to fix the voice chat not working error in Valorant.

Valorant Voice Chat Not Working 2022: Methods To Fix It

Valorant voice Glitch
In-game voice settings in Valorant
  • Check Voice Settings

It might be possible that the basic audio settings in your device is not correct. So, make sure to fix them from the taskbar. To fix it follow these steps:

Step-1: Click on the speaker button present on the right side of the taskbar.

Step-2: Check the output setting

Step-3: Make sure it is your headset in the Output.

  • Update Drivers

In order to update these drivers, make sure to check the updates regularly. So, in case if there has been something new, update as soon as possible.

Device Manager>>Sound, Audio controller>>Left click on your speaker details>> Update. 

  • In-Game Settings

Check you’re in-game settings properly. Sometimes, it might be possible that you have enabled push to talk and expecting to be working as automatic. So, make sure to make it automatic if you don’t want to talk to your teammates by pressing a button.

Step-1: Go to the Settings Tab

Step-2: Click on Audio

Step-3: Click on Voice Chat

Step-4: Enable Push to Talk

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