Where to Find Sunburned Shacks Fortnite: Collect Level up Token

Where to Find Sunburned Shacks Fortnite: Collect Level up Token
Where to Find Sunburned Shacks Fortnite: Collect Level up Token

Fortnite Sunburned Shacks accommodates small islands withinside the gulf east of Sanctuary. Both the thin island and the waning crescent moon-formed island are on the way. Japanese fringe of the playable place is united withinside the Sunburned Shacks territory. Sunburned Shacks is only a Landmark. Therefore, it is now no longer classified on the in-sport map to collect Level up Token. As the call suggests, Sunburned Shacks is highlighted through a group of waterfront seaside homes. Moreover, Sunburned Shacks is absolutely one of the islands proven at the east aspect of the sport’s map. It is the smallest of the bunch and without delay to the proper of the Seven Outpost island.

If you’re already in a match, we advocate going to it by taking one of the many speedboats that take a seat down close to Sanctuary’s coast. Once you’re on the island, head in the back of the purple shack to find out the token sitting. Subsequently, to the furnishings on a ship dock.

Where can you Find Level up Token?

Thankfully, Week 2 of the Monarch quests won’t ship gamers to too many lesser-recognized landmarks. However, there may be one indexed you likely haven’t heard of. One of the Level Up Tokens could be placed at a mysterious vicinity referred to as Sunburned Shacks. As the call suggests, the place is ready at the seaside. It’s far away from any foremost factor of interest.

This week’s praise for completing every quest is Monarch’s black Glow wrap. However, you may want to have gathered all Week 1 and Week 2 tokens to free up it. Once obtained, the simplest 14 extra tokens could be required to personal Monarch’s Golden pores and skin style. Unlockable as soon as the Week four demanding situations launch on March 10.

The Fortnite Sunburned Shacks Level Up Token is at the tiny island north of the number one Sunburned Shacks Landmark. This island includes simply one purple house. You’ll locate the Fortnite Level Up Token at the deck in front of some doors living room chairs and an umbrella.

Approach the token to feature it for your series and benefit an immediate stage towards your Chapter three Season 1 Battle Pass and Season Level.

Sunburned Shacks Fortnite: What is Level up Token?

Firstly, Fortnite Level Up Tokens are a part of a brand new type of Fortnite Pack known as Level Up Quest Packs. Secondly, our first advent to those new packs is Monarch’s Level Up Quest Pack. Moreover, Fortnite gamers that buy Monarch’s Level Up Quest Pack will at once advantage to get entry to brand new pores. Lastly, and skin too in addition to seven new Level Up Quests launched each week for 4 consecutive weeks.

Each Level Up Quest revolves around accumulating hidden Level Up Tokens scattered across the island. Completing all of a man or woman week’s Quests will liberate a beauty reward. The beauty rewards granted for finishing all of a week’s Level Up Quests are as follows:

  • Quest of 1st Week: Shattered Wings Back Bling
  • Week 2 Quests: Monarch’s Glow Wrap
  • Quest of Week 3: Golden Style of the Shattered Wings Back Bling
  • Week 4 Quests: Golden Style of the Monarch Outfit

The Sunburned Shacks Level Up Token falls beneath neath the Week 2 Quests. Collect the relaxation of the set to earn Monarch’s Glow Wrap similarly to a complete degree for each token collected. Monarch’s Level Up Quest Pack will expire on the give up of Chapter three Season 1. You’ll have till March 19, 2022, to gather all the Monarch’s Level Up Quest Pack Tokens. Such as the Sunburned Shack, Level Up Token.


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