Smurfing Issue in Valorant and the ‘Riot’ Way of Handling it

Valorant persisting as one the best competitive FPS game has a lot of natural users in line varying from servers across different countries.


 Smurfing Issue in Valorant
Smurfing Issue in Valorant

Smurfing Issue in Valorant: Valorant persisting as one the best competitive FPS game has a lot of natural users in line. Varying from servers across several countries. However, the issue of smurfers still exists very prevalently. Which although is not an offense in terms of the in-game rules, it certainly ruins the competitive pneuma.

Who Is a Smurfer?

A smurfer is basically a high-ranked player creating a low-level profile to β€œtroll” low-level players and advance quickly perhaps. Valorant has a decently high skill ceiling which gets higher only after the player reaches the Immortal rank and after. Therefore, most Valorant smurfers tend to originate from Platinum to Diamond ranks.

These folks are mostly unable to cross over or reach that barrier and then create fresh accounts. They also try to look for a fresh start. Redditors were also worried at how smurfers accounts have gotten bolder and actually flaunt their un-sportsman-like behavior.

Riot’s Response to the Smurfing Issue in Valorant:

Simultaneously in the previous year, Riot had chosen to update its terms of service which was certainly welcomed by the players altogether. However, it’s no surprise that the players still run into high-ranked smurfers all across which is still an issue very prevalent among various platforms.

Valorant updating their game to make sure only players crossing level 20 will be able to play comp is a clear indicator that the community is being listened to actively. Hopefully, this idea of smurfers is being countered effectively which could effectively result in heightened competitive spirits.

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