Season 2 Patch Notes 2022, Call Of Duty: Warzone

Call Of Duty: Warzone
Season 2 Patch Notes 2022

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone is now officially out/launched today. Therefore, the Patch Notes for it have come with an important update. Certainly, it was delayed by 12 days, because they had to fix bugs and make adjustments to the quality of Life. Raven (Developer of Call of Duty) has released a huge amount of Patch Notes for players. Even the file size has been revealed, which is 14 GB unless you’re on PC. Things like Nebula V Ammo, a bomber plane, and Locations in Caldera Map in the warzone are there too. Read more for information about the size, season 2, and much more.

There will also be new modes too. which will let players tackle the game at their ease too. Updates by QOL are bigger than we thought. An example here would be the Dead Silence and Stuns being removed from ground loot in-game. There are also a lot of weapons changes too. Read more to Find out!

Notes for Warzone Season 2

A new event will be coming too. It will be known as Search and Deploy as told by the Developer. In section one, all gamers will get the Caldera clash mode that they were waiting for and the formerly mentioned new locations. Gamers will even face off in opposition to AI enemies who are shielding the new places. Greater content material and narrative threads will spread within the coming phases. As for some of the wider changes to Warzone, Activision says it is “stripping conflict royale down and moving back to basics for Season 2.” right here’s what that looks like in action:

Public Events
  • The Public Events that will be in rotation for selection are:
  1. Supply Choppers
  2. Fire Sale
  3. Jailbreak
  4. No Public Events will activate during the infill sequence
  • The Contracts that will be in rotation during matches are:
  1. Recon
  2. Bounty
  3. Most Wanted
  4. Scavenger
  5. Supply Run
  1. Economy rebalance
  2. Ground Weapons update

Firstly, for leading-edge Royale, Activision is making adjustments as nicely. Secondly, along with expedited loadout drops, the reduction of hearth sale timing. Furthermore, sure loot drops are being delivered or eliminated from the model. Lastly, here is the full rundown of what’s changing for vanguard Royale by Patch Notes:

  • Loadout Drops
    1. Expedited the first Loadout Drop event from the start of the 2nd Circle to when the 1st Circle begins to close in Vanguard Royale only.
    2. No Stun Grenades in Loadouts (restricted)
    3. Thermites allowed in Loadouts (unrestricted)
  • Public Events
    1. The duration of the Fire Sale has been reduced
    2. In rotation:
      • Fire Sale
    3. Jailbreak
      • Resurgence
      • Restock
      • Cash Drops
      • Heavy Weapon Drops
  • Loot
    1. Dead Silence removed from ground loot
    2. Stun Grenades removed from ground loot
    3. Thermites added to ground loot
    4. UAVs added to Ground Loot
    5. Economy rebalance
    6. Ground weapons rebalance
  • UAV Changes
    1. UAVs removed from the Buy Station
    2. UAVs are available as Contract Rewards
Season 2 Patch Notes 2022, Call Of Duty: Warzone
Season 2 Patch Notes 2022, Call Of Duty: Warzone

To sum up, check out this to read an extremely detailed report on Patch Notes!

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