Godlike has Announced Their New Academic Lineup

Godlike academic lineup
Godlike’s academic lineup

Godlike’s recent announcement has caused utter shock in the Indian gaming community. Fans were quite had an idea about Gill joining the Godlike roaster but both Viru and Gill joining the Godlike roaster have caused a lot of chaos and a lot of curiosity with their next moves. All eyes would be glued to see who is playing from the godlike roaster and who is getting benched. That’s when Ghatak sir announced a Godlike academic lineup.

After hearing this many questions would have risen in your mind. We will explain it to you. What is this academic lineup? Why Big Orgs should Invest in them

What is this Godlike Academic Lineup?

The Godlike Academy Lineup will serve as a training team for the main squad and functions as a full substitute roster. Where big teams we make easy roaster changes. Talented Underdogs players get guidance from experienced players and organizational support like devices or Bootcamp or Needed Exposure to those players. Salaries are dependent on the org whether they want to give that team monetary benefits or not.

Why Godlike are Investing in Them?

Having Godlike’s academic lineup has several benefits to develop underdogs talent, act as a guide and also let them function as a full substitute roster. As we all know how many 3rd party tournaments and regular events happen regularly so rather than overstraining the main roaster. Godlike’s academic lineup plays the tournament in which the main lineup won’t play.

Who all Would be in Godlike Academy Roaster?

So currently Godlike has 7 players Squad Johnathan, Neyoo, Zgod, Clutchgod, Gill, Viru, Spower. The initial plan of Godlike is to add another player into the Academy roaster. Viru, Spower, and Clucthgod will initially play for the Godlike’s academic lineup with one new player. The Main Godlike roaster would consist of Johnathan, Neyoo, Zgod, and Gill

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