Free Fire Booyah Sign Up Event: Get Exclusive Bundle and Emote!

Free Fire Booyah Sign Up Event: Get Exclusive Bundle and Emote!
Free Fire Booyah Sign Up Event: Get Exclusive Bundle and Emote!

Free Fire Booyah Sign Up Event: Do you want to get some free rewards in Garena Free Fire? A brand new event is already live in the game with all-new rewards and in-game cosmetics. They always give enough opportunity to Free to Play players to get their hands on some handmade cosmetics.

Furthermore, this event is going to be quite easy and too beneficial for players. This single event will allow Free Fire players to obtain more than 5 types of exclusive rewards for free. The rewards of the Booyah Sign Up event include White Eagle Bundle, Google Play Vouchers, Lol Emote, Nairi character, Frost Draco Commander Bundle, and many more amazing rewards. So, if you did not want to miss the opportunity to obtain these amazing rewards in Free Fire then keep reading the blog.

Free Fire Booyah Sign Up Event and Rewards

As we know Garena Free Fire is a game of engaging events and amazing in-game cosmetics like Bundle, characters, outfits, and more. Currently, the Kung Fu Tiger event is running in the game along with two other events. Moreover, in celebration of Valentine two events are going to be added to the game which is Valentine Wish Events. But before those short-term events, a long-running event which is the Sign Up Event is already live in the game.

The event will come on 1st February and it will run for the whole month. In other words, it will end on the 28th of February or the end of this month. As you can see by the duration of this event, Free Fire players will get more than enough time to participate and claim the rewards. Below you will the list of all rewards of this Sign-Up Event:

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List of Rewards and Guide to Claim Them!

  1. White Eagle Bundle
  2. Frost Draco Commander Bundle
  3. Nairi Character
  4. Lol Emote
  5. Google Play Vouchers

To obtain these rewards, you need to complete some tasks daily in Free Fire. The challenges are quite easy but need to invest a little extra time than other missions. First, players must download the Booyah App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After that, they need to sign up daily and watch the live stream for at least 30 minutes. When they complete the challenges or watch a live stream for 30 minutes then the live rewards become obtainable. However, it’s still unknown what to do for specific rewards. The rewards availability is random or depends upon the time you invest in the game.

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