Garena Free Fire OB32 Leak: Get Free Fire M4A1 Dragon Flame Skin!

Garena Free Fire OB32 Leak: Get Free Fire M4A1 Dragon Flame Skin!
Garena Free Fire OB32 Leak: Get Free Fire M4A1 Dragon Flame Skin!

Garena Free Fire Advance Server OB32 is already live in the game and testing. Soon in a few weeks or next month players will get to see a major update of OB32. There are many rumours about the Free Fire fans about OB32. For example, you can read our Charge Buster Leak along with a New Turtle Pet in Free Fire. There is also a leak that is spreading like fire and that’s what we are going to cover in this blog post – Garena Free Fire M4A1 Dragon Flame Skin and its unique ability.

There are much Free Fire determines that release some secret or upcoming news like Dragon Flame. Furthermore, the chances of their rumours becoming reality is quite high in Free Fire. One of the most recent news is about a new gun skin, the Dragon Flame for M4A1. And also, it’s not going to be any other common gun skin because Dragon Flame is powerful.

As we know, Gun Skins with the Dragon name on them is one of the strongest types of weapon skins. Because the Dragons are the strongest creature on Earth and the same goes for video games. Dragon skins in Free Fire come with an aesthetic design along with beast level stats, ability, and strength. Below you will read about Evolution M4A1 Dragon Flame skin, its details, release date, and ability…

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What is Evolution M4A1 Dragon Flame Skin in Free Fire and Stats? 

First, there is not any official announcement revealed yet about the skin and it’s just a rumour or leak by Free Fire Dataminiers. Next, there are not any official or even leaks available about the stats of Evolution M4A1 Dragon Flame gun skin. However, as we know Dragon name is enough to make something great in Free Fire. And anyway, till now every Dragon Flame Gun skin rank #1 in the Garena Free Fire.

Special Ability

Well, we know something about its ability which is unique and powerful. The Evolution M4A1 Dragon Flame Skin increases the damage of the gun in Free Fire. Furthermore, its damage increases against Gloo Wall. Gloo Walls are the biggest friend and also enemies of Garena Free Fire players but with the right equipment, you can tackle this problem.

There is one more popular gun – The Charge Buster is trending in the game which is a Shotgun type futuristic weapon. Charge Buster is also helpful against High Damage taking elements like Gloo Walls and Vehicles. Players can try the Charge Buster in the Advance Server OB32 or wait for the official OB32 update.

This is all about Garena Free Fire OB32 Leak and Free Fire M4A1 upcoming gun skins. And also if you want to know more about this gun skin then you can watch the YouTube Video below…

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