Free Fire Guide: How to Use Grenades in Free Fire Like Pro?

Free Fire Guide: How to Use Grenades in Free Fire Like Pro?

Garena Free Fire is a game of Weapons and Survival skills and to win the game you need to become the best in both things. There are many types of weapons along with their pros and cons. For example, you can check out our Bolt Rifle Guide. Today in this blog post you will read about one of the most underrated weapons of the game Grenades in Free Fire. They can kill your enemy or even multiple enemies with a single hit, however, you need to be accurate and master to do that.

Furthermore, they have more than one reason to use them in the game. The reason why Grenades are not much popular in-game is that it’s a little harder to use and most players do not know how to use them. They are not just to kill but can use a distraction and many more different functions. If you want to get the upper hand on your enemies and compete with professional players in the game then you must learn to Use Grenades in Free Fire.

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How to Use Grenades in Free fire?Β 

#01. Learn to Throw Grenades at Right Time

The most important thing about Grenades is their timing, for example, even if your grenade hit the target but still did not explode because there are 1s left then your throw will be a total waste. You need to understand that Grenades are different from other weapons like Guns and Gloo Walls.

These types of weapons deploy at an instant but Grenades take and give time to adjust. Furthermore, you need to consider the distance between you and your target like if your target is far away then you give thought time to travel to the Use Grenades in Free Fire.

#02. Hit the Right Spot!

Free Fire Guide: How to Use Grenades in Free Fire Like Pro?
Free Fire Guide: How to Use Grenades in Free Fire Like Pro?

The next important tip is to learn about the trajectory of the throw. In other words, there are two types of situations while throwing a grenade in Free Fire. The first one is a close target and the next one is a target at a considerable distance.

Not every time you get to see the location of your enemy perfectly and that’s why you need to use some logic, physics, and your imagination. To do that you need to become little experience with throwing Use Grenades in Free Fire and you can also try experimenting in Training Camp.

#03. Learn The Angels

This time is quite tricky and you can also say it is a shortcut to hit the enemy. Well, you do not have to throw your grenades directly at your enemies but you can also use walls and other things to keep yourself hidden.

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