Fortnite Crew Pack December 2021: Cube Assassin Skin

Fortnite Crew Pack December
Fortnite Crew Pack December

Fortnite Crew Pack December: Cube Assassin Fortnite Skin is part of December’s Fortnite Battle Royale Crew Pack. Every month we have different skins in this Fortnite Crew Pack with us. This time we have Cube Assassin.

This Crew Pack comes with the Fortnite skin, the Fortnite back bling, the pickaxe, and a wrap. Most importantly all the items which come under this crew pack are reactive.

Fortnite Crew Pack December 2021:

As mentioned the skin which is part of Fortnite Crew Pack December 2021 is Cube Assassin Skin. You will get this amazing skin and some cosmetics along with the skin in the Fortnite Pack. Additionally, it appears that the things which come under this Crew Pack have some selectable styles.

But in reality, this is not the case because everything has a reactivity on and off and that’s the selectable style for each item. You can just turn the reactivity off in case you don’t want it. But in the case of wrap unfortunately you cannot turn the reactivity off. It is always reactive and always animated.

Hence if we talk about the items styles in this Fortnite Crew Pack December then in that sense you can just turn the reactivity on and off. If we talk about Skin reactivity then it has some special reactivity system.

Once you get Three successful eliminations in a single Fortnite Battle Royale match while playing with the Cube Assassin Fortnite Skin. You will reach the full potential of this Fortnite Skin which will turn its reactivity automatically on. Players will see their skin getting partially reactive after getting one or two elimination in the game.

Cube Assassin Fortnite Skin:

Cube Assassin Fortnite Skin
Cube Assassin Fortnite Skin

If you guys are interested in getting this amazing Fortnite Battle Royale Skin and want it to be a part of your Fortnite inventory then you will need to purchase the Fortnite Crew Pack. At present this is the only way to claim this skin as it is exclusive to Fortnite Crew Pack Members only.

Moreover, it will be available for a limited time period only. So it is advisable for all the Fortnite players who are interested in this skin to buy the Fortnite Crew Pack Membership. This Membership will cost you around $11.99. You cannot purchase it using in-game Fortnite V-Bucks. Players can buy the membership only using real money.

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