Bone Fist And Masked Warlord Bundle: Free Fire Dual Grand Prizes Event

Bone Fist And Masked Warlord Bundle Event Free Fire
Bone Fist And Masked Warlord Bundle Event Free Fire

Free Fire keep on surprising their users by introducing exclusive events in the game. After the release of the female version of the Booyah Day bundle, the male version of the Booyah Day event i.e. Masked Warlord bundle has also been added to the in-game event. Along with the Bone fist skin, the Masked warlord bundle is added as grand prizes. So, let us discuss this dual grand prizes event in Free Fire.

Moreover, Free Fire players were expecting the only grand prize of Masked warlord bundle but, Free Fire surprised all their users by giving two grand prizes in the same event. Besides, the event regarding this Booyah day bundle was already announced from the Free Fire officially.

Also, to unlock these grand prizes, players need to purchase diamonds to spin in the Faded Wheel. Even so, Faded Wheel is a luck-based royale, players need a good luck rate to get the grand prizes in fewer spins. Besides, this event will be available for a certain time only,

Bone Fist And Masked Warlord Bundle Event Free Fire:

Bone Fist and Masked Warlord bundle event have been added on 27 November to the Faded Wheel section. This event will be available till 3 December in the game. The chance to get exclusive grand prizes is greater as this event consists of two grand prizes. Players can find this Faded Wheel event in the luck royale section in the game lobby.

Although, the Faded Wheel consists of ten different rewards including two grand prizes. However, players can deselect two prizes present in the Faded Wheel that they dislike. As this event has two grand prizes, it will cost much more diamonds than normal Faded Wheel events. The prizes in this event are listed below.

  • Pumpkin Flames crate AK
  • Maniac’s Jinx loot crate
  • Magic Cube fragments
  • Street Dominance parachute
  • Toper Underworld Surfboard
  • Star General’s Backpack
  • Bumblebee loot crate
  • Weapon Royale voucher
  • Bone fist skin
  • Masked Warlord Bundle

Moreover, prizes already obtained will not be repeated again. Also, the diamonds required for each draw will increase after every spin. However, players require to select two prizes from this event that they dislike. The two selected prizes will be removed from your event. The first spin will cost 9 diamonds, the second will cost 19, and so on.

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