Top 5 Best Free Fire Elite Pass Rewards in December 2021

Top 5 Best Free Fire Elite Pass Rewards in December 2021

The current season of Free Fire “Season 42” comes to its end. On 29 November Free Fire is going to get its OB31 update along the way. Furthermore, this update is going to come with brand new in-game cosmetics, maps, characters, and bundles. However, the best thing that comes with every season is Free Fire Elite Pass and its rare rewards. In this blog post, you will read about the Top 5 Best Free Fire Elite Pass Rewards in Season 43.

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Top 5 Best Free Fire Elite Pass Rewards

As we know, Elite pass is a special pass that gives their players to get some rare, expensive, and awesome in-game cosmetics for Free. Furthermore, you can purchase it with 499 diamonds. However, it also has a second variant which costs around 999 diamonds. If you are a regular Free Fire, planning to make it your primary game, and invest in it then you should buy the pass. Or if you want then you can purchase the cheaper 499 diamonds pack. So, let’s learn in detail about the top 5 leak items below:

#1. The Crowned Spades Bundle

The first and most epic Free Fire Elite Pass Reward is this The Crowned Spades Bundle. Furthermore, it needs the highest number of badges to obtain these in-game items – 225 badges. However, it is the last or you can say final items of season 43. It’s more like a celebration of Christmas with The Crowned Spades Bundle.

#2. Emote: Poof

As we know, Emotes are highly demanding and expensive in Free Fire. Poof is another valuable in-game item for Free Fire survivors. Furthermore, players need 200 badges to claim Poof Emote. So, if you want to save hundreds of diamonds in future then it’s a great opportunity.

#3. Jewelled Hearts Bundle 

One more Christmas special bundle in Free Fire Elite Pass Reward. Jewelled Hearts Bundle is an aesthetic female costume. Furthermore, it is very valuable because it’s also part of the Upcoming Winterland Event. However, it is quite easy to obtain in comparison to the other 2 Elite Pass items. You only need 50 badges to obtain this Jeweled Hearts Bundle.

#4. Beastly Wrath Skyboard

The next rare item is Beastly Wrath Skyboard. Its super fiery design will win your heart and make you look cool. Furthermore, you need 100 badges to obtain Beastly Wrath Skyboard. This Beastly Warth in-game item is quite rare and one of the super stylish skyboards in Free Fire yet.

#5. Best Free Fire Elite Pass Reward: PLASMA

Finally, the last item on this list is PLASMA with Joker gun skin. The gun skins are the most expensive items in Free Fire. Furthermore, you can get it with only 125 badges with Free Fire Elite Rewards. Last but not least, PLASMA skin is one of the rarest skins in Free Fire.

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