PUBG Mobile x Arcane: Win PERMANENT ARCANE Suits and Weapon 

PUBG Mobile x Arcane: Win PERMANENT ARCANE Suits and Weapon
PUBG Mobile x Arcane: Win PERMANENT ARCANE Suits and Weapon

PUBG Mobile x Arcane and Get a chance to win Permanent Arcane Suits and Weapon Finishes during this event. As we all know PUBG Mobile comes up with a brand new collaboration with League of Legends MOBA. Furthermore, with their latest PUBG Mobile 1.7 Update, they release new modes and other collaboration related stuff. However, it is not the end of the fun because soon they are going to release many more in-game items for free (or you need to win them).

Below you will read about their new challenge or chance to win some Permanent Suits and Weapons. Moreover, you will also get other event-related information throughout this post!

PUBG Mobile x Arcane: Win PERMANENT ARCANE Suits and Weapon

Today the developers of the PUBG Mobile game – Kraftons tweet about the new game event. Furthermore, this event is going to be a little different from any other game events you have experienced till now. So, What do you need to win these PUBG Mobile free skins? Well, you need to share your moments of the new game mode – Mirror World. Sounds interesting, right? We will discuss other stuff later in this PUBG Mobile update post.

The second big question is when will this event start? The event is going to start on 20 November 2021 and it will end on 12 December 2021.

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How to Participate in Permanent Arcane Suits Event?

First, you need to participate and play the 3 theme event game. Furthermore, there are three different challenges which will reward you with different prices. Let’s talk about the PUBG Mobile x Arcane event participant in detail below:

  1. First, you need to capture moments with new theme modes. Then you have to upload them on social media with HashTags (according to your theme).
  2. There are three different hashtags #arcanechampions, #hextechclips, and #arcanesquad. 
  3. Each Arcane mode has different rewards.
  4. Finally, upload your videos or screenshots on these social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.


Well, again it’s not the end of the fun yet because during these events you will also get some codes. Furthermore, if you want to win this try to stand out in the crowd and do something unique. However, PUBG Mobile x Arcane event is going to be much more fun than you can imagine!

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