Free Fire New Legendary Bundle: Event Details and More

New Legendary Bundle Free Fire(Alpha Flameborn bundle)
New Legendary Bundle Free Fire(Alpha Flameborn bundle)

Free Fire recently introduced an exciting new event with the name Booyah Ascension. Since the Booyah Day event has not yet ended, this event is also based on the Booyah day theme. Besides, this event offers a variety of in-game rewards including gun skin, vehicle skin, and much more. So, in this article, we will discuss the new legendary bundle event in Free Fire i.e. about the Booyah Ascension event Alpha Flameborn bundle.

Booyah Ascension Event Details

This new legendary bundle event has been launched on 20 November 2021. This event will be available for a limited time and will end on 29 November 2021. This event offers the Alpha Flameborn Bundle as the grand prize. Moreover, as this offers a legendary bundle, the new legendary bundle Free Fire will cost much more diamonds than normal events.

Players require to spend diamonds to spin in this event. Also, the probability to get rewards will be based on the player’s luck rate. However, players can not redeem the Alpha Flameborn bundle directly, they need to unlock other rewards first to unlock this legendary bundle.

As it is a legendary bundle, players will be able to choose outfit of their desired color. It will be available in 4 different colors. Also, players will get unique lobby entry animation after equipping this bundle. In addition, players will get 3 exclusives emotes for free with the new legendary bundle in Free Fire. The Emote Lead is one of the best dancing emote players can equip for show-offs.

How To Unlock New Legendary Bundle Free Fire(Alpha Flameborn bundle)?

Players require to spin in the Booyah Ascension event to get the Booyah Day tokens. The tokens can be used to redeem the rewards. Every single spin in this event will cost 20 diamonds, also players can choose the 5 spins option that costs 90 diamonds.

Players need to collect 5 Booyah Day tokens to unlock the Alpha Flameborn bundle. Players can redeem other rewards like Pumpkin bomb skin, Dark knight backpack, Pumpkin Monster vehicle skin, Pumpkin Flames AK47 skin for 1, 2, 3, and 4 tokens respectively.

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