How to Get Fortnite Free Kurama Glider in Chapter 2 Season 8

Fortnite Free Kurama Glider
Fortnite Free Kurama Glider

Fortnite Free Kurama Glider: Players have a great opportunity in Fortnite to get a new Kurama Glider and the Naruto Loading Screen for free in Fortnite. The cost of this Kurama glider and loading screen in the Fortnite Battle Royale item shop is worth 1,200 V-Bucks. But Fortnite is giving Kurama Glider for free.

This glider is not included in any of the Naruto Bundles for some reason so it is sold separately in the FortniteΒ item shop. However, as mentioned Fortnite is giving players a chance to get it for free.

Free Kurama Glider:

Today is the third day of Nintendo challenges for Naruto’s bundle and you can earn and unlock the Kuarama Glider for free. As you know it has 1,200 V-Bucks value in the Fortnite item shop. To get it for free all you have to do is complete the Nindo challenge milestone of the day.

The first day of the Nindo Fortnite challenges was super hard for players. To complete the first day of Nindo challenges players needed to get 35 eliminations in order to achieve the milestone. After reaching the milestone players will successfully unlock Kuarama Glider for free.

The second day of the Nindo Fortnite challenges was a little easier as compared to the first day challenges. In order to complete the second day of Nindo challenges players needed to get 10,000 damage in the match.

Nintendo Fortnite Challenges Day 3:

free kurama glider
free Kurama glider

The third day of the Nindo Fortnite challenges is very easy. If we compare it with previous challenges then it is the easiest one for players to get Free Kurama Glider in Fortnite. If these challenges were known in advance then most of the players would have waited for the third challenge for sure.

Then players had didn’t required to struggle in the starting days of these Fortnite Nintendo challenges. So today’s quest is for Sasuke emoticon for which players need to get only one point. Moreover, in order to get this glider for free players need to reach the milestone. Today’s milestone asks players to get 60 points.

So basically you need to catch 60 fish in the match. You can probably complete this milestone in just one single match. This is the easiest way of getting this Kuarama Glider for free. Remember to complete this challenge in Solos, Duos, Trios, or Squad mode only. Milestone completed in Ltm mode will not be considered.

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