Are Fortnite Mechs Back In Chapter 2 Season 8 Again?

Fortnite Mechs Back
Fortnite Mechs Back

Fortnite Mechs Back: Apparently Mechs are again back in Fortnite after so long. At present Mechs can be found at Pleasant Park because funding stations there have been fully funded. So you will find many players landing at this location.

Players will be able to see them on the Fortnite Battle Royale map and obviously as more stations get funded as a result more and more mechs will be shown up. The first time these mechs were introduced in the game was in Fortnite Chapter 1.

Fortnite Mechs Back Again:

fortnite mechs are back
Fortnite Mechs are Back

As mentioned these Mechs were firstly released in Chapter 1 so in case you didn’t play in that chapter then maybe you will have no idea how to handle them because they are two-person units. You can handle it yourself also however if there is only one person in it then the opponent can self-destruct your Mech.

As Fortnite Mechs are back in the game so players will find lots of people landing at Pleasent Park. So be attentive while landing at this place on the Fortnite map. Everyone’s eye will be at the Mech so try to get it as soon as possible after landing there.

Unfortunately, many players will try to self-destruct the Mech to destroy it. As time progresses we will have more and more Mechs in the game which is amazing. Some players love the Brute and they find it very much fun to use them in the Mech.

If you have skin wrap then your Mech will look unique and great that is very pretty. It comes with an amazing horn that makes a terrifying sound. In order to shoot the gun, you need to be in the upper seat of the Fortnite Mech. To move your Mech you guys need to be in the mobility lower seat.

Here you will also have the option of Stomp which gives some damage to the opponent. You guys can walk, jump, boost, high jumps if you have Mech with you in the match. Your chances of winning the matches increases if you have Mech as it gives you access to special moves.

Are Fortnite Mechs Overpowered?

Some players feel that these Mechs are a little bit overpowered while some think they are good as they make the game much interesting and add lots of fun. As Mechs are made for two people to handle it makes the match more interesting. You make synergy with your friend in the game while using the Mech.

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