Kingfisher Sunscale Serpent Free Fire Gun Skin: Latest Kingfisher Skin

Kingfisher Sunscale Serpent Free Fire
Kingfisher Free Fire

Kingfisher Sunscale Serpent Free Fire: Recently, Garena Free Fire officially launched an exclusive gun skin. Free Fire added new kingfisher gun skin in the game with the name Kingfisher Sunscale Serpent. As the name suggests it is based on the serpent snake theme. Players can find this new skin in the store section in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire keeps on introducing new events and in-game items frequently. Players do enjoy the game with new gun skins and don’t feel bored in the game. Free Fire developers make the game colourful and enjoyable by adding such items.

Moreover, prior to the release of this new skin, Garena Free Fire already revealed spoiler posts on their social media. Free Fire posted “A new and powerful Kingfisher skin is here! Get the Venomous gun skin, Sunscale Serpent, from the game store now and use it to destroy your opponents on the battlefield”

How To Get Kingfisher Sunscale Serpent Gun Skin In Free Fire?

Kingfisher Sunscale Serpent gun skin has been already added to the game on 11th November. It is currently added to the store section in Free Fire. Besides, players need to open the Sunscale Serpent crates to unlock this new skin.

However, Sunscale Serpent crates are not free. One crate of this new skin costs 25 diamonds. Also, to get this new skin in fewer crates players needs to have good luck. If the players are lucky, they may get permanent Sunscale Serpent in only a single spin.

Moreover, in every single crate players will get Sunscale Serpent tokens. Players may get 1 to 10 tokens in a single crate based on their luck. The tokens can be used to redeem this new if the player gets sufficient tokens.

Players can redeem Sunscale Serpent skin for 24 hours for just 3 Sunscale Serpent tokens. Also, players can redeem permanent Sunscale Serpent skin for 100 tokens.

Attributes of Kingfisher Sunscale Serpent Gun Skin In Free Fire:

Every Free Fire gun skin come up with additional powers i.e. attributes. By using this new gun skin, players can make reload a bit faster. Also, its accuracy is too increased. Both the attributes i.e.faster reload and increased accuracy will make this gun more powerful in comparison to normal kingfisher.

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