Garena Free Fire Countdown: Diwali Event with Rare Rewards

Garena Free Fire Countdown: Diwali Event with Rare Rewards

Garena Free Fire Countdown to Diwali Event: Diwali event is running in the game with other mini-events. Moreover, Free Fire is going to add a new event known as Free Fire Countdown. Free Fire has one of the largest player bases in India and that’s why they are celebrating Diwali to its fullest extent.

Well, Today in this blog post you will read about a new Countdown Event in Free Fire. Moreover, you will also get a list of items you can obtain during this event and rewards. Let’s get into other important details of the event without further ado…

What is the Garena Free Fire Countdown Diwali Event?

Free Fire has lots of ongoing or completed events related to the Diwali festival season. And one of them is going to be a Countdown Diwali event with different rewards. Moreover, just like any other event you need to complete some challenges and tasks.

On the other hand, the Garena Free Fire Countdown Diwali Event has some difficulties or you can say different tasks. For completing these rewards you need good skills in the game along with other important stuff.

Below you will get all the challenges and rewards: 

  1. The first prize on the list is Weapon Royal Voucher which is pretty easy to obtain. To get these rewards you only need to win a match in Free Fire or you can get a Booyah!
  2. The second prize on the list is a little more difficult than the previous one but has a good reward. On the other hand, for this Garena Free Fire Countdown event, you need to obtain a minimum of 3 Booyah and get Light Surfer Skin.
  3. Finally, The last reward on the list is the most difficult but comes with the most premium rewards of all time. Well, you need to win a total of 5 Booyah to obtain these rewards. On the other hand, the reward of this place is none other than the Cyber Bounty  Hunter Weapon Loot Crate.


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I hope you like this blog post about the running Diwali event and rewards. Moreover, if you do not know how to claim then you just need to visit the event section. After you win the required matches your rewards will be claimable. Let me know in the comment section what you think about this event and give your suggestion!

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