Valorant Radiant Crisis 001 New Skin Bundle: Price And Release Date

Valorant will drop a new bundle of skins along with the new Act. Know more here

Valorant Radiant Crisis 001
New Bundle in Valorant

Valorant Radiant Crisis 001: The developers of Valorant are coming up with something very unique which will make players go ‘wow for the game. The new Act of Episode  3 is all set to release on November 3rd. Also, players will find a new bundle of skins in the Valorant store which is said to be Radiant Crisis 001.

So, here are all the details about the upcoming skin of the game.

Valorant Radiant Crisis 001 New Skin Bundle: All You Need To Know

Valorant Radiant Crisis 001
Phantom Skin in Radiant Crisis 101

Riot’s Valorant has already released a lot of skins with unique features and creative designs. However, there are not many guns in the game, which makes the developer stick around the few available options and make something new out of it.

With the end of Act 2, the Nunca Olvidados bundle will also expire. Moreover, the skin will not be available in the store after 2nd November. The Radiant Crisis 001 will replace the skin in the store. Furthermore, the new skin is going to be an upgradable skin meaning it will be costly from the previous skin.

Valorant New Bundle
Specter Skin

What’s Special In The Skin?

This time, Riot has come up with something very unique and creative. The Radiant Crisis 001 skin looks like a 2-D animation from any comic book. The gun skin looks like 2-D in the picture but is exactly the same in the game. However, the players have never experienced such types of gun skins in Valorant.

Also, the skin is upgradeable and with the help of Radianite points, it can be maximized up to Level 3. The first level is the basic form of the skin. Moreover, in level 2, some words pop up in written form near the gun like Click-clack and Whack on shooting. Level three is the kill animation and kill effect which is also cool.

In the Radiant Crisis 001 Valorant bundle, the melee which is the knife is a baseball bat skin. Furthermore, Valorant players have never experienced such types of skins in the game.

Price, Weapons, And Release Date

The Radiant Crisis 001 will be available in the Valorant store from 3rd November. Once again, the operator lovers will be disappointed as there is no Operator skin in the bundle. The Operator has been missing from the Valorant bundles for a long time. Here is the list of weapons:

  • Classic
  • Specter
  • Melee
  • Bucky
  • Phantom

The whole bundle of Radiant Crisis 001 will cost around 7100 Valorant Points. Also, extra Radianite points will be needed in order to upgrade all these skins.

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