Which Pet is Best in Free Fire of All Time (2021 Special)

Best Pet in Free Fire
Top 3 Best Pet in Free Fire of All Time (2021)

Best Pet in Free Fire: Garena Free Fire is an online game for mobile devices by Garena company. There are many in-game items like characters, pets, gun skins, etc. Players need to choose and use them wisely to dominate other players. Today in this post you will get a list of the best pets in the free fire. Moreover, you get some good time to use them according to your team, characters, and more.

So, let’s start the list without further ado (2021 Special)…

Top 3 Best Pet in Free Fire of All Time

1. Falco

The first pet on the list is one of the coolest among them all – The Falco. Moreover, it is not just cool but useful in almost every game. As you know, Falco is Bird and its abilities also revolve around flying. It helps you and your team in blinding faster with a speed of 15% more. Moreover, the Player can land 25% faster than its normal speed and it will increase with Falco’s level up.

Pro Tip: Do not use Falco in Clash Squad matches if you want to score well.

2. Ottero

Are you the medical support of your team or want to increase your defence? Well, then this pet might be the Best Pet in Free fire choice for increasing your health. Otero’s real strength is it helps players to restore their health with any other items. Surprisingly, it will increase your health points at a rate of 65% per second. On the other hand, for every 100 HP, you will gain 65 EP if you use Ottero and like any other pet, the benefits increase with pets level.

Pro Tip: Use Ottero with K or a similar one to get the most out of it.

3. Detective Panda: The Best Pet in Free Fire

The next pet on the list of the best pet in Free Fire is a Cute Panda aka Detective Panda. The player’s who get multiple kills in the game are best chosen as Detective Panda. It helps you to gain and increase health points per kill. Moreover, the 10 kills are the maximum limit of Detective Panda. On the other hand, at the first level players can only obtain 4 hp per kill; that’s why they advise upgrading it as soon as possible.

To Conclude:Β 

Every per in Free Fire has its pros and cons according to the player’s playstyle, team, and map. Therefore, I listed some best pets in the free-fire but you can choose anyone to start learning about them properly.

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