Skyler in Free Fire: Overview Of New Character with Price and Ability

Featured Image: Skyler in Free Fire New Character
Skyler: Free Fire’s New Character

Skyler in Free Fire is a new character by Garena. In this article, You will know everything about Skyler. Like its abilities and price. Garena Free Fire – one of the best survival games on mobile devices. The thing which makes this game more unique is its in-game character.

They have special abilities according to their personality. Free Fire contains 32 characters. Some of them are their original creations. But they also have characters who are inspired by real-world celebrities. Like the character “Jai” from Indian actor Hritik Roshan.

This time Garena Free Fire released a new character “Sklyer”. Which represents a popular Vietnamese artist. Son Tung M-TP is the real name of the new character in Fire Fire.

Skyler in Free Fire – He is a CEO and Superstar

Free Fire game characters’ ability relates to their inspiration. The same goes for Skyler. In reality, Son Tung M-TP is a singer and internet sensation.

Let’s start with his appearance. He wears a White Suite and goggles. Which represents Skyler as a professional (He is a CEO). Like any other Free Fire character, Skyler also has some special abilities. Skyler’s abilities relate to Gloo Walls.

Skyler’s Skills :

  1. The first ability is he can destroy up to 5 Gloo Walls under 50 meters of radius. Ultrasonic waves are used to damage those walls.
  2. And the second ability helps him to regain some health points. Every destroyed Gloo Wall gives him 4 health points.

The strength will also increase when you update Skyler in the Free Fire game. When you unlock it – it comes with level one. But it is updatable from level 2 to 6. The character updates include the increment of range, health point, and CD of ultrasonic waves.

How to Get Skyler in Free Fire and Its Price:

Grena Free Fire’s new character Skyler was introduced at the March event. The event name was “Top Event”. In that event, you need to top up to get rewards. And Skyler and its bundle were one of them.

Moreover, At that time you do not need to buy him. In other words, you are not paying for the new character Skyler himself. But now the event is over and Skyler is moved to the in-game store.

You have to pay 499 gems to get this new character. And for the whole bundle of Skyler, you need 899 gems.

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