Split Map Valorant: Know Which Are Best Agents To Use

Know everything about Split map in Valorant.

Split map Valorant
The Tokyo based Map in Valorant

Split Map Valorant: Valorant has a total number of 7 maps in the game. Moreover, three of them were from the very start. However, the rest 4 were added later into the game. All the map has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Split is one of the maps which is from the beta version. So, let’s know more about the map.

Split Map Valorant: All You Need To Know

Sentinels favourite map
Split Map

The map is considered one of the most balanced maps in Valorant. However, this is not completely true. It may vary depending on the agents your team has picked. For example, if there is not any sentinel on your team, it will be almost impossible for you to defend the sites.

The same thing goes for an attacking team. So, you need a perfect balance of abilities and skills to win the map.

Split is a map based in Tokyo and was released in the Beta version of Valorant along with Haven and Bind. Split is also one of the most favorite maps for different Valorant players. North American team Sentinels is considered the best team in the world to play on Split.

Sentinels have a win % of 77 at Split after winning 46 matches and losing 14. So, here is the list of agents combination you can try on the map of Split to win Valorant matches.

Best Agents Combination

Split Map Valorant
Healer Sage
  1. Sage, Killjoy, Jett, Omen and Reyna

Reyna is a powerful agent whose flash will give attackers a way to enter the site. Also, Killyjoy and Sage are helpful when on defending side.

2. Sage, Astra, Cypher, Reyna and Raze

Players can also use cypher instead of Killjoy to gain information. Moreover, the Astra stars are more powerful and she can use smokes frequently than the omen.

3. Astra, Viper, Cypher, Jett, and Reyna

This is the best agent combination for the split map in Valorant as Sentinels also uses this. Viper lineups can be ready on post plants and work perfectly to defend the site.

4. Brimstone, Skye, Killjoy, Raze And Jett

This is also one of the best combinations to use. Skye flashes guides the attackers to the site. Also, she can gain information with her dog.

5. Astra, Sage, Killjoy, Reyna And Jett

Sage can be used to wall the mid-point area while defending. Sage gives a lot of support in this kind of combination.

So, these were the details about agent combinations players can use on the Split map in Valorant.

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